2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Himself and John should do a radio podcast with Barry. They could call it ‘The Pod of Small Things’ …




While keys has a somewhat interesting point on why duirmo missed the Kerry game the other events he was missing from would raise a question mark if one was paranoid, maybe he was allowed not to commit to those events, at this stage the lad has seen it all. Hope to ■■■■ he starts against Galway and has an outstanding game.

On another note what was the thing with the Leitrim tracksuit in 2011?


It was a tribute to his brother, Keith, who’d captained the Leitrim hurlers to a Lory Meagher Cup semi-final the previous year.


Cheers! Fair play to him.


It great to see Kerry players/fans true colours when they lose. Hate all the patronising crap when they do win.


Jaysus lads, wetting ourselves because one of our legends of the last 8 years got the better of a 19yo in rookie Snr Nat Lg, and who had another of our legends in real trouble. How about we calm it down a bit here.

Very good performance from our lads on sunday, lots to admire. But it’s just another league game. Kerry are at a very early stage with a good few players just out of minor. They will happily take some pain before Paddy’s Day if it brings them on, which it will, especially as they get physically more up to speed in the next months and year.
They never needed PGeaney more than a game like yesterday, he was a huge loss to them.

Meanwhile on to the next game, and it’s great to be back in a Nat final, and different opposition. Let the sparring begin next week. Galway a couple of years ahead of Kerry in development, they have real potential.


I didn’t mention Clifford. My observations on JC were nothing to do with Clifford at all and were made in a much wider context. No incontinence either thanks


But Al, its just not any old 19 year old rookie, its the one the prophecy speaks off where it was told that this Kerryman will bring balance to the force and restore the Keepers of the flame to their rightful place in the GAA.


Fair enough but so was CK for us back in the day and it took a few years for him to become a great player. And he came into a relatively young but still very experienced All Ire winning team.

Btw Johnny has always been brilliant IMO, always great to watch. And when Michael D is on form he makes me go goose pimply like it’s 2011 all over again.

But that was men against boys, literally, so we learned little or nothing.


Indeed. His election in November of that year was memorable and his poetry and speeches would give one goose pimples …


In Fairness DC doesn’t appear to have attended most social functions over the years. Himself and Flynn are 31 and no point rushing them as plenty of football to be played. Gavin and Connolly were actually in my job a few weeks ago with Sam Maguire.


Thats good to hear! I think all in all DC is been giving a bit more R&R. Well could be wishful thinking on my part.


I looked at the game again, and I can’t see the reason for Shane Carthy’s early removal really. At that stage, he had been on more ball then anyone else probably, and apart from the issue with the mark, he made no real mistakes I could see. I am not sure who he was marking, maybe his guy was doing damage, but I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was somehow injury related, even if it was not going according to whatever plan was set out for him, I can’t see it having been bad enough that it couldn’t have waited to half time. I thought he did fairly well actually.


Dermo was at the Kildare game & was live tweeting from his seat in the Upper Hogan, about a wide that looked like a point to him.

He’d hardly be doing that, if there was some big rift between him and Jim Gavin, or the rest of the panel, as some people are trying to imply. The muckrakers in the Indo are up to the same malarkey today also.


Indo saying that Cian is out for the rest of the league.


there’s not a whole heap of league left. Hopefully back for the summer.


I wouldn’t be too worried. The reports don’t sound that bad and he has about three months to recover.


Interesting you should say that. It’s possibly been discussed here before, but I was only trying to think the other day how many players started all 5 recent all Ireland final wins!
By my count it’s only 4, and no forwards.
Big change in a team for a team that’s still winning!


Ah Jaysus D, we got walloped by Tyrone in 08, and obliterated for 70 minutes by Kerry in 09. Anyone who doesn’t want to come back to see if things can be turned around is no fan.
Kerry won’t be too upset about yesterday really, that was a very inexperienced team in many ways. Time will tell but they will always go out believing just as we did from 95 til 2011.