2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


If he is creamed out of it he would get the free and a free taker would take it. The example here is a player catches the ball and rolls his ankle on the way down. He then cant kick the mark “free” but someone else can.


Good point! Fair enough!


The scenario you’re depicting… It doesn’t matter whose kickout it was so long as the mark is called within a yard or two of the opposition’s 45m line.


Yeah it’s Monday and I’m tired and I am really not thinking about the fact that you can mark from an opposition kickout. Think I need sleep. But there’s some good brains here to pick all the same - fair play!

Ps @bummer Should JC have been sent off for jumping up and playing on when he got that belt?


First class :joy::joy::joy:


You will have to give me a bit more to work on - which incident, I was abroad and did not see yesterdays game. I did see the score on here…

a few times,…


Carty ran about 3 or 4 seconds after catching the ball. He caught it, stopped and then ran. As far as I am aware Branagan made the right call in awarding the hop ball.

  1. How does the player who is awarded the “Mark”, “signify to the Referee” that he is availing of the free kick?

In order to signify that he wishes to take a free-kick, the player who catches the ball and has been awarded the “Mark” by the Referee should stop playing. If he does not obviously stop then it should be taken that he is “playing on”.

From here:



You did? I missed it. What was it?


Talk of Carthy’s stop-start mark made me recall this other oddity - the 45 which Cluxton & Cooper were adamant wasn’t one. What the fook went on here? Strange forces at work down in front of the Hill? And an umpire who was more concerned with self-preservation than where the ball (albeit bizarrely) spun to :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

From 7 min 10 sec mark…


It clearly clipped MDMA on the outside of his hand which would’ve spun the ball back off the line exactly as it did. Camera work awful in both slo mos though - more like spot the ball. Great to see Clucko and JC dispute if so hotly even though we were ten points up! Winners!


Kerry have tried different approaches to Dublin…from the defensive and nasty…to open football.

But y’day will surely have taught EF that he can’t go toe to toe with Dublin. Not now.

If Kerry and Dublin do meet later in the year I’d be surprised if he doesn’t go ultra defensive.

It’s one thing taking a bad loss in March, but another to be giving a beating by Dublin in August.

Who’d want to be a Kerry manager now?


They got a hiding but in all reality it doesn’t matter much . Look at the league final in '16 and then the semi in August . Alot can happen between now & then . You don’t win the championship in march.
It was nice all the same to give them a beating though .


That mark incident was on the kickout after Kerry’s fourth point - which incidentally was a beauty.


Maybe I’m reading too much into fear factor…but EF must know that if plays attacking football later in the year they could get hammered by Dublin.

CW was being polite when he said their project could take a few years.

It’s hard to know if the Kerry public or EF has the appetite to wait around.

Even harder to know if they can build a new team from those wining minor sides.


They are expecting miracles from those minor teams . They are in a state of flux & someone is putting 2 + 2 together , looking at what happened in the 70’s and are assuming it’s all going to repeat itself . Big difference here is that Dublin team of the 70s were an ageing team . We’ve been adding about 2 or 3 players a year from the u21s since the '11 team . Look at that team & the team that won last year . Yes , we have a good few players around the 30 mark but the guys we are bringing in are developing / developed into top players very , very quickly . As I said yesterday , I wouldn’t take any of their young players except Clifford .


Paddy Small is going to be a serious footballer. Great skill, vision and strong as an ox and is capable of kicking points for sport. Yes, I’m a “Mun” man so I’m a little biased but he really impressed me yesterday. Bar the brain fart free he didn’t waste a ball and was instrumental in a few scores. We are blessed to have so many young talented footballers. Roll on Dubs.


He looks to be the real deal as well as all of the other young talents we have.

He has a real ability to swing over very technically challenging scores.

A natural talent


Me. I’ll gladly absorb the blame for a few more double-digit defeats. I’ll say it was all my fault.


I was thinking the same about Paddy Small only I ain’t no Mun man.


They wet themselves on the radio about the point he scored late in the second half.