2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Im just glad Jim made the switch . Who was Cooper marking first . Did he have to put Cian on Clifford because of Fitzys absence .


I think Cooper started on Geaney (which was probably pretty logical). I think Cian was on Clifford because he switched with Lowndes (who imo would be less of a corner back than Cian is). Although I could be wrong about that.


It helped that Geaney went off then .


Did Cooper switch on to Clifford before or after his own point?


Player does not actually have to call the mark but once the mark is made they have 5 seconds to play the ball. I cannot recall the incident but I would presume that more than 5 seconds had elapsed before the ball was played, thus the ball is thrown in.



Jayus , that’s no time at all .


Cheers @bummer … and they can play the ball any way they like? Eg Kick, run with it, fist pass etc?


I really need to brush up on the rule book.

Never knew that.


In fairness there are far less rules in Ulster …


All of the above.


Most important rules are numbers 2.17 & 0.11.


Cheers again @bummer - I thought that was the case but wasn’t sure and I reckon it was definitely a ‘time’ foul … think the player who ‘marked’ has to contest throw ball too?


No rule to say that he has to contest the throw in. Anyone can!! Only rule says that the catcher has to kick it unless injured. If he is injured,the new kicker can not score from the kick.


Wow - that’s interesting … and strange. Although you’d be doing well to score from the second kick after a kickout?!

I thought Branagan was insisting the Dublin player who marked contested the throw ball but maybe not.


If you manage to catch an opposition kickout just outside their 45m line and if it is fairly central… And if your name is Diarmuid Connolly…


He probably was. I’m convinced Brannagan makes it up as he goes along.


Again, not recalling the incident, the ref may have been trying to isolate 2 players to throw the ball in quickly to restart the game without further delay.


So just on that rule @bummer what do you think the thinking is? Suppose as my honourable friend @beeko says Dermo catches a mark on their 45 from a Cluxton Exocet and is creased and can’t take the free why reward the foul as such by not allowing someone like Deano a shot at goal?

Note to editors; the chances of Dermo getting any class of a free from Branagan may be infinitesimal …


Because you would have every mark maker going down injured to allow the free taker come up to kick the “mark”.