2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


:joy::joy::joy::joy: brilliant. Hope they keep wheeling him out for more guff like this


How many All Irelands did he win with maybe one toughish game? Some neck but never afraid to voice an opinion … as long as he was remunerated …


Careful what you wish for, Micko.


Towards the end, I assume the commentator meant Dublin getting all the 50-50 ball, but said Dublin getting all the 50-50 decisions, they just have it built in :slight_smile:


On again now on eir 1


To be honest I would expect alot more from a man like Micko.

I will be killed on here for saying it but his Kerry team were up there as the best team ever,maybe they were maybe but I think this Dublin team is and I am not being biased. Comparing this Dublin team to that Kerry team to me is pointless as it is a different era with a far higher tempo. They would never have been able to compete iny opinion

But you can’t compare apples and oranges, that Kerry team played in an era of pure football so winning an all Ireland final by 7 or 8 points was probably handy enough as you had not got a 15 man wall in front of you. The game has moved on and clearly Micko hasn’t and why his opinion is irrelevant in this day and age.

Current Kerry with Dublin are the 2 best sides in the country to watch as they both play football. For the sake of the game I would have liked it to be a bit closer but still always nice to beat them well.


@bummer or any other of the brainiacs - there was an incident in the first half when a Dublin player took a mark and the ref ended up throwing up the ball. Cen fath?


Did he not play on and then subsequently stop as if to take the free kick awarded for the mark? Ref done him for “over carrying”?


It was actually Shane Carthy and he took the mark but then rather than kick the free he then took off with it so the ref awarded the throw ball. Once you decide to take the free kick you must kick it AFAIK.


His county were lucky to avoid it in 2015.


Claimed the mark, then decided to run the ball instead of kicking.

Should be allowed in my opinion, same as the Aussie rules. Sure you might do well to catch the ball and then have no options, as is what happened to Carthy yesterday


Yerra yerra yerra. I wonder what Micko will say when we do the 5 in a row and eclipse his team. Probably will say we were lucky.


We’re really only at two-in-a-row in fairness to Micko. The fact that we didn’t beat Kerry last year means 2017 doesn’t count.


Don’t worry - the goal posts will always be moved excuse the pun from the Kerry perspective to explain why this dublin team will never be the greatest


Micro also dismissive of the league after yesterday…

I saw the resdubs twitter engaging with some Ned Flanders account lol :joy: very interesting things that account (with its four followers) is obsessed with, wonder if it’s someone’s alt account…


‘Until Dublin hammer a team by seven, eight or ten points in an All-Ireland final, then I’ll say they are a great team’ - Mick O’Dwyer has his say.
No side effects to a diet of steak and milk then, none, none at all.


I think he will turn into a great senior player, but I agree that they are expecting too much from him this year. As you said after a good start Cian figured out how to play him.

The problem is that the media go into raptures anytime he does even the simplest thing. Meanwhile they tend to overlook some of the more impressive performances from other players (such as O’Shea who imo has been Kerry’s best new player).


There was a reason JC was put on Clifford . Cian couldn’t handle him for the first 20 or so minutes . I don’t think Cian figured him out at all tbh . He’s more suited as a sweeper at this stage .


I agree Cian is more suited to sweeper, but he did figure out how to deal with Clifford yesterday. In the second quarter he won or broke out the majority of ball put in to Clifford.

So saying I think Cooper was better able to handle him and I certainly wouldn’t be suggesting that Cian takes him if we meet again (or frankly does any man marking job)


As long as Kerry keep going on about how we are lucky or have stolen All Irelands then I am happy. When they start giving us genuine praise then I will be worried as it will mean they have admitted they have a problem. And the first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one.