2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Remember when he done it in 2013 and was taken out of it. That was seriously ballsy stuff


Long before the end Kerry had settled for a learning experience: not the modern, holistic, child-centred type of education but old-school teaching, culminating in a severe beating when they didn’t ‘get it’.

Have to say I didn’t enjoy Cluxton going for a walk. Not good for the heart, and for the fact that he had no options. Plus he’s a target for some nonsense on his way back, as we saw.


We could have put this team out (none of whom were on starting 15 ) and still have beaten then. Evan,Daly,Fitz, Philly,Mullally, James, O Shea, Emmet, Reddin,Cormac, Dermot, Kevin, Small, Eoin, Mannion. Subs Flynn, Carthy ( N M),Mc Gowan, Mc mahon.

Goes to show our strength in depth. Am i missing any one bar Bernard. ?


You have Philly down twice, and no KevMc.


They re getting upset on the Kerry site now , initial rational response has gone out of the window. Sky blue zone getting it all sides a la Fenton yesterday. Come home sky blue to your own.


The best bit about that article is that is shows COS injury not as bad as feared. He is our composer at the back. Hope he is back rearing to go soon.


Sean Mc Mahon subRaheny. Kevin Mc is in half forwards.


They’re going through the seven stages of grief , they’re stuck between anger & sadness ATM .


Most articles I’ve read and the general consensus amongst Kerry people seems to be that Clifford was at least a big positive for them. I watched the game back and don’t see it that way at all. He finished with 4 points, 2 from play. Both his scores from play came in the first 15 mins, as did one of his frees. He didn’t score again until the 68th minute with another handy free. I thought from about the 20th minute on Cian got to grips with the game and Cooper cleaned him out in the second half. Wouldn’t be pinning all my hopes on him just yet if I was a Kerry fan.


Of course you have to take into account he’s only 19 and he’s up against one of the all time great corner backs in JC but the way some have talked is that he has proved he can cut it at this level. Not sure about that yet


They have state of the art facilities at Tralee IT and a brand new Centre of Excellence at Currans - with the help of Dublin taxpayers. And they go on about our funding … :wink:

God imagine what we’d beat them by if we had the facilities they have … oh and the wristy footballers …


I was thinking the same reading the articles on the way home. He was marking Cian to start with and to be fair I don’t think Cian is an out and out defender. When Cooper took over Clifford never seen the ball again. I was shocked Cian was even put near him to start with.


Cian Guards the D, he’s not a man marker - he covers the space in front of goal.


Yerra Yerra Yerra


Watching the game back. When JC scores his point the commentator says “Cooper comes barrelling through”…


He’s turned into a real bitter fucker the last 8 years .
Leave him at it .


Agreed. But I think Cian did excellent in the last 15 mins of the first half against him. Got out in front of him at least twice and won clean ball. Second half Cooper destroyed him. Was beginning to feel sorry for him around the 50th minute mark. Probably should have been taken off but in fairness he was still trying his best and the service to him was non existent


I can guarantee you he’ll be tormenting everybody over the next 10 years , us included .


Probably deep down he knows we’ve a great chance of doing what he didn’t


That is exactly it . Sweet revenge for Heffo if we do achieve it .