2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


‘And were the Dublin fans laying down a marker with the Ole Ole Ole’s for every pass they made in the latter part of the second half. That was embarrassing and I for one hope to God it comes back to bite ye in the arse over the coming years as I doubt the Kerry players will forget it. There was no need for it whatsoever…’

Ah lads :smiley:.


Jaysus they forgot about it when Meath done it to them. Then again Meath have forgot how to win since then, hope thats not a hex! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Imagine those dastardly fans enjoying themselves. Whatever next.


They were immense. One in the 2nd half that he launched out to MDMA, right into his lap in midfield stands out. It’s been dissected to death, of course, but the leverage, distance & accuracy he gets from such little backlift…it just sets him apart from all others.


Yet they’ve no problem with their own fans leaving early.


Yeah, the man looks as fresh as he did when he started. His solo run up the field was great, need to have a word with the troops so I’ll do this…


Dublin’s recent one-sided wins against Mayo and now Kerry…actually make me feel less bad.

Or maybe misery like company.

CW made a good point about Tyrone last night…

Tyrone were more expansive last season…(+20pts a game average heading into the semi).

But as Whelan said…they got caught in the headlights and had no plan B.

After the semi, I said it was like watching Real Madrid vs a mid-league side. I never once felt that Tyrone had the quality to win…no matter how they played. It was damage limitation and pride only.

Times are bad when you measure success by being hammered the same as your nearest rivals.

But Dublin are so far ahead, there’s now a fear factor of playing them in CP.


Good, only 9 years after the startled earwigs and 8 after Mordors last stand.


Or McHale, or Healy, or Nowlan, or O’Moore … let the fear be everywhere … mwah ha ha ha


I almost put me hands over me face when mdma makes those bursts through players but it cause out n out panic in defences and somehow despite his brain having no idea what his legs or arms are gonna do next it works

He looks like a guy on mission this year and with his energy it gives Fenton a bit more freedom to run the show …

Thought cooper was immense yesterday n paddy coming around also …

Thought there was a marked difference in fitness which is strange given our late start but maybe it’s more to with running after shadows eventually breaks u mentally n physically

Gavin’s comment about lads enjoying the physical stuff was “ a bring it on “ to Fitzmaurice

On EF I have not rated him for years and as Long as he is the guardians manager it’s happy days Imo

That’s his second humiliation in CP in last 2 visits


It’s the psychological damage a bad beating can inflict. The way Kilkenny did.

It was brave of EF to field so many young players - that can either make them, or put the fear of God into them.

Genuinely…after last season, I’d think twice about travelling to CP for a c’ship match.


Any news on Cian o S injury?


The Kerry lads were so busy hanging out of their markers, that he was left unimpeded to wander up the pitch.

You’d think after 2011 that Kerry would learn that Cluxton in their half won’t end well for them.


Not gonna lie. I saw my life flash before my eyes, during his little forray behind enemy lines.

It didn’t cost us, but imagine the horror of another “Paddy Cullen & his burning cake” moment on a Kerry highlight reel, if he got turned over & it led to a Kerry goal in an unguarded net?

Vomits !!!

:nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:


…then we’d have won by 9 points instead of 12. Actually, that might have woken the lads up, and spurred them on to a 20 point victory, with Cluxton himself getting 1-2 from play.


Wonder was Stephen trying to wind up the Kerry players by going so far out , I think nobody was showing for him to pass to , could be wrong though .


That all happened at the time there was a lot of hassle around the kickout where every Dublin player seemed to be held and dragged. Would love to see all that again - there were a lot of Dublin players very exercised.


Having comedy visions of him disappearing down the tunnel with the ball, still soloing completely untouched.

Maybe even appearing out on jones road and going home with the ball…


…To the tune of the Benny Hill Show.


… running all over the country á lá Forrest Gump.