2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


havent wandered over there yet, but on twitter The Geebag Times’ meltdown is heartwarming. He opines that even we will get fed up of watching this team winning. No, we wont, and unlike Kerry during their pomp we will actually turn up to watch them before a final.


12 euro that cost to watch that display. 12 euro. Can you get better value for money anywhere else? What a team.


Who’d be that now ?


How is that Geebag Times a journalist? Who is writing for his school magazine? All was dandy when Padre Pio was tearing us a new one. Ok then, lads its organic. How about Organic Doping then?


As if you’d get tired of watching the best Dublin football team of our generation (or any generation)? No chance!


The Teabag Times. Big friend of Bitter, posts the same fake news.


Yeah them two have a real thing going.


Dean Rock - going for goal or a miss-hit attempt at a point?


Miss Attempt at a point. Definitely.


Bit casual alright … I see Fogarty thought it went wide per his report …


Ah right , I’ve seen him in his time lines . Thought you were referring to some other journo .


Did they get tired of Kerry winning ?


I see the game is repeated in full at 12.30 today on BT1


Great. Can’t get that either.


Wanker Joe Padden claimed at LEAST 80% of the frees given against Kerrybwere incorrect.

Genuinely hates Dublin


Eir Sport 1


whoever it was looking for kerrygold earlier in this topic may go to the kerry forum now. something wonderful.


Twas me :blush:


I wouldn’t be listening to Billy Joe.


In fairness there are some very level headed knowledgeable posters over there, some crackpots as well .