2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


If you can’t read between the lines I can’t help you.

I have neither the time or the crayons to explain it to you.


So you can’t explain why he played in Castlebar. Good man


Gavin said in one of papers this morning that Connolly is been’ rested '.pick the bones out of that statement.


Looks very like a young Mick O’Dwyer being restrained by the Bill’s Sgt Bob Cryer and Mini-Me …


Probably similar to what was going on with Costello, was wondering where he was and then he came on and kicked 3 points in the All Ireland final.


One thing is for certain. Gavin won’t be actually telling us what is going on.


I’d certainly hope so. I hope it’s as simple as that.


How come Galway are spoken about as being in the Final and we aren’t? Only Monaghan can get to 10 now and that would be beating us. We would also need to lose in Galway. So is it head to head before points difference? If it’s points Monaghan have a 34 point difference to make up. Hardly likely?!


Because we are not guaranteed as it is head to head. If we lose to Galway and Monaghan then Monaghan are in the final. Galway have already beaten Monaghan.


Cheers @whatever - thought it had to be that alright.


Thought the same last night listening to the commentary then as is said above we have a head to head with Monaghan, which mathematically leaves the possibility for either of us to get in to final.


That might wash if his club had got as far an AI club semi. But they didn’t.

I haven’t a clue what’s going on or what’s gone down. Not a breeze. But something ain’t right. But, then again, if something isn’t right, if he felt he was being frozen out, why hasn’t he simply gone hurling? We all know how DC loves getting out there to play wherever, whenever. The gut still says we’ll need him come Summer. Does Jim think the same though?


… depending on the Galway-Dublin result? If Dublin avoid defeat in Salthill, the following week’s game with Monaghan is a dead rubber.


Do BT Sports show a full replay during the week and if so, when? Thanks


I thought it was Kevin McStay.


Bob Cryer? More like Deego.


Actually was impressed by Cooper not only for his serious performance but for the way he bounced up straight away after getting hit in 2nd half when he could have made a meal out of it. Hopefully he is learning which will help him no end.


Galway, having qualified, might not be going full tilt next week…

But our injury list is climbing, O Sullivan, Mannion and McCarthy might all be out. There is only so many we can afford to lose.


There’s been many positives in this league so far such as Howard, Fenton and MDMA but the biggest one for me is Kilkenny. He’s infuriated me with how he’s played in recent years, so it’s been great to see him playing more direct and being a lot more positive in possession. Showing us what we all knew he was capable of


Have seen 3/4 Kerry games on tele and their forwards block/hold onto defenders on opposition kickouts. Clifford get away with a lot of this though Ciaran Kilkenny was doing same to Kerry backs yesterday.