2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


you’re too gracious Dub09, then again you probably weren’t burdened with yerra parentage for 40 odd years prior to 2011:wink:


I wonder what Macauley he was watching closely last year? Is there two MDMA? This Westmeath man must know more than ya.


:laughing:, dub09 leathered with drink . I can look at that comment now about Cooper in a completely different light now .


Less said about Kerry the better. What they tried to do tonight was astonishing but that’s up to them. I’d just like to congratulate and thank our lads for keeping their cool in very difficult circumstances and for providing the best value for money you’ll ever see tonight. Bursting with pride. 1 to 15 better naturally gifted footballers than Kerry. Not one of them would make our O’Byrne cup team. Glorious. Cooper, Fenton, MDMA, Howard, Philly when he came on, absolutely imperious. Take a bow lads


Yeah , that was a weird one . What is a Westmeath fan doing on a Kerry forum .


Off it for Lent … :flushed:


Who knows? What’s a blue panther doing in Kerry board as well?:grin: still in fairness to that discussion board they are fairly level headed in their discussion. As previously said willie Joe’s blog seems to be the market leader in tin foil hat discussion forum. Which reminds to take a trip out west to see how they are getting in after their win over the flourbags.


There’s one poster , Kerrygold , who I enjoy looking for his comments . His distain for Dublin is pretty bad . Haven’t seen him online yet .


Kerry players holding /blocking players running for Cluxton kick-outs was not picked up by ref and was the cause of a lot of frustration amongst players and supporters. I was really annoyed at half time with the ref. I don’t know what happened with him at half time but I noticed the gathering of ref, umpires and linesmen in the middle of the field before the start of the 2nd half and the ref seemed to be speaking to them. He was much improved in the 2nd half and the free count was very much in Dublin’s favour in the 2nd half. Don’t have EIR so can’t replay game to make proper analysis


Just a side note about Brannagan. The GAA really need to look at his interpretation of the rules. He put players well being in danger today.


Surprised nobody had mentioned Stephens foray up the field & I think Burns trying to take him out if it , ala Donkey , as he was running back .




Billy Keane is a great many for the anecdotes … the shtories. Now if I was writing his next column I might imagine Eamonn Fitzmaurice as being like a fella working across in London. He has plenty of coins in his pocket but when he counts it up it’s worth fcuk all …


Go for it!

“Eamonn’s Entries” or “Fitzy’s Fallacies”.


Oh no. Something tells me Billy Goat’s next column will be aaaaall about the rugger buggers. Yesterday antics won’t even get a mention. He’ll be much too busy reminding us he’s Jonathan Sexton’s Godfather for the 7654th time. :roll_eyes:


Carthy just back from a 3 month lay off, only back training 2 weeks.


Makes the decision to throw him in even stranger. Disappointed Cormac got so little time too - could easily have been given 20. Jim seems to be constantly testing some player’s resolve. Something not quite right about Diarmo either I get the feeling. Stil … we’re motoring!


Speculation on DC isn’t allowed- sure the players said in an interview everything is fine.



So explain why he featured in castlebar?