2018 NFL: Round 5 - Dublin v Kerry, Sunday March 11th, Croke Park, 4pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Some kerry fans complaining they were hard done by the referee. They obviously didn’t see the tackle on Cooper and Fenton. In front of the ref


I’ve read a couple of pages & don’t think I’ve seen one mention of the shitehawkery that went on today over there

Not denying we got involved too but that’s astounding .


I thought Cooper only got picked on in here?


Fans in tinted glasses shocker :confounded:


Jesus you could never get enough of that!

Cluxton was brilliant - kicking was superb and some great fielding and punch clearances. Davey and Eric did really well too - despite reservations on here. Cian took a while to get going but was then immense - got JC out of jail too. Johnny Small unlucky but happening a bit too much - Howard did great slotting back. Shane Carthy was a strange move - guy does not look fit.

Fento was excellent and MDMA turned the clock back a few years with a MOTM performance. CK was immense, Scully really stepping up and taking no sh1t. FF line all good enough - some trademark Paddy scores.

Kerry seemed to have some pre-ordained thing where they held every Dublin player after a certain kick out (around when Cluxton went for a walk) - cynical stuff indeed. They don’t like it up them and they got it up them all day. It was like our lads said fcuk this at half time and went out and tore them one.

Finally a special word for my love child JC. The man is awesome and is the real leader of this team. He was everywhere and did a huge job on the young Clifford. When Kerry tried to turn the heat (dirt) up JC was rallying the troops … bring it on!


Thought he had a fine game today except for a brain fart in possession when Clifford picked his pocket.


This Dublin team are something else. We’re lucky to be witnessing this era.


I believe he is to be named captain when the championship begins . Jim was right to take Cian off Clifford & put Johnny on him .


The brain fart was directly after he got that heavy knock. Cian got him out of jail no doubt!


Rattled his judgement abit did it ?


Another problem Kerry have is Clifford and lads of that physique. As good as he is, and he will be very good, but he will not track Johnny Cooper up and down Croke Park over 70 mins.

It looked a miss match to me until it became apparent what Gavin was thinking.

It’s a league game and it’s important to factor that but Kerry were out on their feet after 45 mins to a shocking degree.


Personally think Smally (Snr) is getting some cards on reputation now more than anything. Yes, he plays on the edge, but some refs are coming at him as the ball is thrown in! That was never a black card today. Not in a million years. He also seems to pick up the danger man on the 40 so Jim obviously holds him in high regard, he needs to start questioning publicly the cards he has got, just to put the doubt in the refs mind a bit.

Connolly has that rep too and that gets him cards regularly!


Who , Jim ?
Didn’t see it myself as it was on the other side . Why aren’t rte showing these black card incidents . They have an effect on the game we should at least be able to see & debate them .


He was elbowed in the face and was upended in the process.

RTE won’t show it of course, fearful of being biased! Jim needs to speak out about it now, if not sooner!!! :slight_smile:


RTE show fcuk all. How many of our scores did they show? 6? Didn’t show ‘incidents’ either. Programme is a waste of time …


What did he get the black for then ?
Upended ,his marker ?


just back from the yerra forum and it’d bring a tear to your eye- “we live in dublin’s world now”:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:- don’t pinch me and say its time to get up:yum::yum::yum:


Mick photography on the button, good man :joy::joy::joy:


Plenty of realism and respect for a great Dublin team on the Kerry forum - much more so than Willie Joe’s Twilight Zome .,.


Oh and apologies … meant to say …

KERRY 0-11