2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Deffo black, as that was the case with Dermo last year before the semi final, if he received a black he was to miss the final, but most felt he would then appeal the one he got against Monaghan I think, it seems you can’t appeal it until you receive a ban. In the end he got no further blacks so there was no appeal.


Tony McEntee appealing his suspension for his part in Mayo/Galway melee.


Wooly calling out Diarmuid O’Connor for going down too easy in games


That picture looks x-rated, it’s no wonder he has his hood up.


Read a stat today, In the 4 league games mayo got 38% of their scores from play, they have a very high dependency on getting frees .


Yep even Cillian o Connor has his hands over a Galway players eyes as if to say "You don’t want to see that " .


O’Connor was only checking his temperature? :wink:


Watching League Sunday back and nobody, bar O’Rourke, commenting on the fact Jim Gavin’s RTE protest ended.


O’Rourke still trying to look relevant…


Exactly. No praise for Galway either, nitpicking about their style of football


Still trying to figure out his ramble about weeds etc.


No doubt still bitter over 2001.


No . . . Just Bitter. Must be a thing in Morador because permatan Flynn is also a Bitter little ****


Just watching Dublin v Mayo game again.
Mayo never scored from the 47min till the 71min.
We never scored again after the 50th min. I don’t think we have ever finished the last twenty 27mins of a game without scoring .
Although a lot of the second half was playing keep ball.


Been honest , if the lads had of been inclined or bothered that could have been a 15 + point hammering . I suspect Jim said that if we have a big enough lead just park it. There was no motivation to destroy them which we easily could have done .


I wouldnt disagree, Mayo wanted us to attack in the second and push men forward , we didnt have to because of our lead and mainly played keep ball. lts just i was at the game and didn’t realise we went that long without scoring till i tonight. . Although granted the onus was on Mayo to score.


Watching Man City is very like watching Dublin. You obviously have the light blue shirts and white shorts - and a keeper who can put a ball on a pinhead over 50 metres.

But the workrate of the players. The having to deal with packed defences and teams that don’t want to play. The gulf in class over most teams. Similar problems … similar solutions …


Split Manchester in 2… Oh, wait!


Alot of similarities with the way Guardiola sets teams up to play, and motivates them etc, to what Gavin has been doing.


I agree we had them well beat in the first half and Gavin wasn’t going to give them an education on their terms for the 2nd half. Dublin just shut the doors and played down the clock, as one journo put it, its the best 4 point hiding your likely to see.
Which of the two was a better Dublin performance, the 12 point win in the league last year or the 4 point hiding this year ?
I pick this years as I found it a bigger defeat for an opposition to endure.