2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Any video clip online for the Fitzsimons red card and the Aidan O’Shea ‘mistimed challenge’?


To be honest WiFI I don’t think that ref understand anything at all. Single handily the worst one on the circuit.


Mayo fans think he is great :+1:


Caught at sea so to speak , but yeah , I’d agree with that . He committed to the challenge & had little choice when O’Shea changed his mind about what he was going to do . Sure , he was on a yellow anyway I think . Made no odds at that stage .


I thought the same, that he was on a yellow too and according to the radio coverage that was what was stated. The Sunday game seemed to say he got a straight red. The question was asked on ressers was it 2 yellows or a straight red and I believe dub09 confirmed it was a straight red. The report today seems to state that he got the red for challenge and not secound yellow. What’s the definite answer? .


The game was in injury-time when Dublin were reduced to fourteen men after Michael Fitzsimons was dismissed on a straight red.



Philip Lanigan is a Dub. I think he was with Lucan Sarsfield.


Was he? There seems to be some dispute if it was a second yellow or a straight red. If it was only a second yellow it is no biggie.


If he is appealing it then it must have been a straight red as there would not be a ban with two yellows?!


I don’t know at this stage , I thought he was but I’m just going by the rte report . You’d probably have to go back through the dubmatch tracker tweets to know for sure .


no, but would come in to play if he were to receive 2 further double yellows!!!


Aye but Fitz ain’t that type of guy!



100% - no one should ever be sent off if he isn’t that type of guy, and if there was no malice intended :grinning:


I thought you don’t appeal a 2-yellow sending off until such a time that a ban might kick in later in the season as a result of another sending off? Or is that with a black card?
I’m all confused now.


Only now???


I don’t understand.


It was a straight red card


It’s already the rule in U8s, or used to be. Forwards and defenders are meant to stay in their “zones” while only midfielders can cross the half way line. Rarely enforced as it’s near impossible for the ref to know who’s a defender/attacker. I suggested it, jokingly, to Brolly one time as a way to deal with blanket defending.