2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Our inability and Kerry’s ability to do this was effectively the difference between the sides in 2007. Kerry just held the ball in the crucial final act of the game and patiently worked a score. We were never able to do that - we just didn’t have the patience - and that lack of patience led to panic when Cluxton was left stranded with the ball near the end with no-one to pass to and it ended up going to a Kerry guy who scored the insurance point.

I remember in a semi against Mayo a few years ago, we held possession for the first time in a major game and the crowd, including The Hill, got really restless as it seemed we were bizarrely counting-down-the-clock midway through a tight match - and there were even slow hand-claps coming from our own. But when it ended in a crucial point, the crowd immediately realised that they were watching something very special and tactical and they certainly didn’t moan when we did it again in the same match and got a goal from it. I remember being very impressed with the psychological make-up of our players - the way they were so unperturbed by the crowd’s displeasure and totally immune to it.


I thought Dublin played in 2nd gear for that second half. Early goal (AGAIN) and terrible free taking cost us. I still maintain Cillian is our best option by far when on form.

Glad we weren’t hammered but still getting really fed up of constantly loosing to Dublin. The Indian sign ye have over us is as strong as ever.

For us focus is now on the relegation battle against Kildare away. Odds are that game along with many others will not take place this weekend…


I remember the slow handclapping from our own and thinking it was madness. Attacking full on against a team who only want to score on a counter attack is crazy stuff when you have a lead. Only a few short years ago the thought of not just kicking the ball out to a 50/50 at midfield was nearly considered cheating, now it is considered mental that anyone ever thought of not actually trying to find your man, with your kick out. The game moves on, sometimes very slowly, but sometimes that is even too fast for the masses…


We have Philly , Eric and Cian to cover for Fitz no real worries there


Valid point about other sports doing this but in many sports there is a shot clock. Watch this space, they introduced the kickout rules to counteract our kickout stats, they are going to do something g to prevent us from holding onto the ball to.


I dunno what gear we were in but it was an extremely low one. I think Jim decided if ye didn’t want to play at 5 points down then we weren’t too bothered either. It may be the way we will tackle packed defences this year. Build a lead and if the opposition still don’t come out to play (a la Tyrone too) then that’s fine we’ll just hang on to the ball in our own half. Not up to us to provide all the entertainment … even if it does gain us widespread acclamation, admiration and respect from all the other counties … :smirk:

I wouldn’t say Indian sign either. Be it a point, 4 points or ten points ye just haven’t been good enough …


I think you have succinctly put what a lot of supporters have tried to say and have failed through anger or such like. While presently they are the nearly men with the nations sympathy. I think history will remember them, if they are remembered, with a more disparaging tone.


Jesus lads, do you ever listen to yourselves?


If they want to bring in a shot clock then just bring in a zonal players rule. If you can’t have 30 players in one half of the pitch then Dublin can’t pass laterally. The tactic is the perfect antidote to the blanket defence.

There was a degree of logic to the kickout rule. This would just be anti Dublin and pro blanket defence.


tell me you haven’t forgotten the 2 c o cs


Good point on the shot clock. Another way to stop it would be to limit the amount of players you can have in your half, Lacrosse does that I think.


Wonder if the mayo second half gameplan was to see what happens if they can engineer counter attacks from a defensive stance - mimicking Donegal 2014. Since we weren’t bothered and just wanted the two points then it was a wasted exercise.


I always said we went charging into that Donegal game to early. We kicked some serious early points in that game and then tried to play through them and then panic stations. But this is a very different team.

Rochford never believed he could win that game and went into damage limitation, any thought of a team catching us on the counter and parking the bus are long gone after the destruction of Tyrone last year. I think the only benefit out of the game for Mayo is that it was only a 4 point win for Dublin. That could be vital when the league is done and dusted.


I thought they were aiming for the 15 metre lineout the way their freetaking was going in second half :wink:


That game was a complete aberration. At one stage we were 5 points up and I was almost certain we would lose. We were facing into a kickout, we had 5 half forwards, one half back (and that was Cooper marking McFadden who was a foot taller (probably still is actually :slightly_smiling_face:), MDMA was full back and ROC was midfield.


Gavin brought in Sherlock after that campaign and gave him full icence to work with the forwards.
, presumably because Gavin and Darcy had work to do on our defensive patterns, Sherlock has ended up a massive success in fairness especially against Defensive set ups


Great news, great decision


That’s interesting ! It didn’t seem like he was trying to clean him out & you could tell by Michaels reaction after that he thought O’Shea made a meal of it .
Of course if you look at it the other way he went out to hammer him :unamused:


That would destroy u8 football as we know it. [shudder]


To me Fitzsimons just mis-read the situation, he thought O Shea was going to kick it and he jumped up to get the block. But O Shea stopped moving so he wouldn’t over carry and didn’t kick it. I can understand how the ref saw it as he did, but I think it was a total accident and Fitzsimons tried to limit the damage when he saw how it was going. I would be very surprised if its not overturned.