2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Tony McEntee on Mayo sideline yesterday.He supposed to be banned for 2 months.


Keegan I understand did not train for 2 months before final last year and only back training after 2 hip ops, he will be back this year alright, Kilkenny done well on him though


You will enjoy this match report, nearly cried laughing ! Malachy Clerkin


Great picture in it too :grin:


Just had a gander on the mayo site, they gave MOTM to elbows o shea, these lads must have been on the oul disco buscuits last night, did they not see the displays of Mannion Scully Fenton McCarthy Fitzer, jaysus, Cluxton could have stayed out in the jax for all he had to do. Now that’s just Unbelievable


Maybe it’s his twin


Like in tropic thunder you don’t go full retard and on the mayogaablog you never ever ever give motm to anyone but a mayo player because Willie joe says so.



Have to say they (mayo) were the only team getting the Sunday game aul pull up a chair here’s a slice of apple tart with a large dollop of cream and a small cuppa tea with 13 sugars treatment. None of that for Kildare or Tyrone, obviously they aren’t victim enough yet.


He was saving on the data, offline mode.


That’s a loss for next week though, and maybe no Mannion either…


A few comments on retaining possession above. . I was never a fan as it can be so boring and this team is anything but boring, the reality is though it’s a fantastic skill that has been introduced and developed fantastically by this team.

Anyone who is still against it should have a look at the end of the Galway kerry match this week. Galway had no idea or no ability to do it and very nearly cost them the win …


It is a fantastic skill, and Dublin do it really well. But it does make for a boring game when you have a losing team that are sitting back and not trying to win the game. Dublin should probably go to more extreme lengths on this and not try to force an attack at all in these circumstances. If the opposition are forced to come out and get the ball, they will leave scoring chances open for Dublin.

It’s not Dublin’s fault, but aside from the Donegal game, the other games this year have been akin to watching paint dry.


i still havent seen the match but that sounds exactly like what happened, a bit like the tyrone match last year after the fizz went out.

radio was saying that dublin were doing a lot of leteral ball to tire out mayo in the first half, interesting idea if true.


I don’t think it is to tire them out particularly more to keep stretching them until they leave a gap. Every other sport does it, basketball, Soccer, Ice hockey, that weird handball thing. It is only in football that teams even consider just battering away in the one direction until they lose the ball and the opposition then batter away in a straight line until they lose it and it goes up and down the pitch.

I think Dublin can be beaten if a team sets a high enough line against them (half way line maybe) and stops them going into their comfort zone of probing for gaps. If Dublin are made play long balls into the full forward line, they are not going to have the same possession they have in these league games.


I think it, the possession game, is to both tire the opposition out, mentally and physically, and to also draw them out to create space inside.

A caveat to this is that they have often created space inside and not taken it. Make of that what you will.


it is obvious though that they are getting ready some form of gameplan for mayo the same way they were getting one ready for tryone. i think against kerry it’ll be just the usual both sides trying to outscore the other (in the summer, think this sat will be shadowboxing stuff again)


I don’t think so, I just think it is what they learned from 2014, had they done it then we would be possibly on 5 in row


6 :sleepy:


The Mayo mafia are one very blinkered outfit. All through the game lauding Keegan for not playing football and hanging out of Kilkenny (when he could get near him) and then baying for blood when Fenton touched Boyles arm as he was running through, even claiming he had already gotten a yellow and should be red carded.
Mayo always bring this snidey niggle to games since 2012 and with weak refereeing they are allowed to get away with it and they are so clever at it they know how to get the other player booked in reaction or can take them out of it (Keegan V Connolly) for most of the game. They are also adept at getting the ball brought froward for frees by practically immediately going to a player standing near were the free is and giving them a push as if they are interfering with it being taken. I think this use of “Gamesmanship” is more of what keeps their games against us close, more so than any skill levels between the teams.
There were some of this team I had little respect for (as players) for how they conduct themselves on the pitch but as it goes on that list is starting to grow. You always had the ■■■, Vaughan and McLoughlin but you can add AOS, Keegan, Doherty and Boyle to that list now for me.
At this stage I hope when Mayo finally do win it that none of those players are involved.