2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


The proof of that is if you look at the game time he gets, you would think that he is hardly going to be called on for the big occasions, but yet he has got a run a few All Ireland finals and that is because the management know they can bank on him to do a job.


A dub lad in the happy rubber room mentioned aidos hit on McCarthy. There is the usual whataboutery in replying but most intersting is declan, who seems to be a pioneer.

Interestingly if you click on his name it links to something like dontstopbelieving but the site is gone. Guess he stopped believing.

I don’t know… mayo people moan when Jim never says anything. Was expecting him to mention how good the lines were on the pitch and how bright the lights were, but when he says something like we couldn’t even be bothered in beating this outfit anymore they all seem to miss it.


From what I saw from Geaney today, my grandmother God Rest her would mark him!! He was pitiful


Good call on butsy he is another bastick, does what he has do when asked. Never lets us down.


Actually, credit where credit is due, though the Hannibal lector joke about small (and him being cloned) was quite good. But then we find Willie had to edit out all the homophobia he was posting.

You know, not ban him, but edit it out. Someone else on the sherry was advocating bringing in some hard man next league to leave dean rock with a “sore jaw” which was left up. This from the people who were calling that Galway player a thug two weeks ago…


Saw that alright , let them revel in the banter while we revel in beating them & totting up All Ireland’s at their expense . Imagine getting worked up about a spindly lad like Dean . That winning point must be keeping them up at night , if only Leeroy had been more accurate with his gps …


It’s ironic, all the things in the world you could throw to miss, but a GPS, how could you possibly miss:)




Quote of the week!!!


The main concern for me last night was the refereeing. Neilan is clearly nowhere near intercounty standard. His games are littered with baffling and poor decisions. My ongoing fear is that we will lose an All Ireland to poor refereeing and this is very possible with refs like him. But it seems the more genuine and justified the criticism a referee gets the more the powers that be back him with a kind of blind loyalty and give him big games.


Its about time we lost one for refs decisions, sure isnt that why Kerry and Mayo have been losing them:)


How on earth was that a straight red and O’Shea got a yellow for what he did to McCarthy. That could have seriously damaged McCarthy. It was disgraceful and cowardly and the silence from the crybabies out west on it is deafening. Hypocrisy knows no bounds


It could be argued that we lost a league already to poor refereeing. It’s not just the poor refereeing but also the inconsistancy in the role of umpires and linesmen from one game to the next. I really think this is going to prove costly to good footballing teams as the more cynical v-(t: ms frm th * vest exploit it to narrow the gap.


Common denominator here …


I reckon as you pointed out in your post, in saying something along the lines of,
the poorer the performance and the more criticism is voiced by the hard done by team the more likely that same ref. will be given the next potentially controversial fixture of that same team. This gives the impression, rightly or wrongly, that a refs. performance is not open to constructive criticism and you will be pointedly at the end of his poor decisions again if you raise it. Possibly why nealian was given last nights game after his poor reffing of the league final was raised by Jim Gavin.


Neilan should never have been seen again after the Vincents/Slaughtneil semi final last year. The only refereeing performance that I have ever seen that I would at least consider to have been biased. At best he is totally incompetent

The GAA and referees is a Twilight Zone.


Jim talking to rte again .


Totally agree, that was the only refereeing performance that I have seen also that I considered biased. I genuinely think the guy cheated.


Did Fitzsimmons def get straight red for challenge on AOS?


Straight red and no real complaint except that O’Se’s tackle was far more dangerous and only got a yellow. O’Se eile tried to do a Dublin player right at end of first half but came off worst …