2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Retaining possession generally is the right thing to do but sometimes a bomb on to the top of the square can be the right option to and as you rightfully noted Dean is not the man for that. I would have loved to see DC in on top of cafferty.

That Mayo keeper again was a disaster. How in the name of God did he allow Scully punch that ball into the net, hence my point above. DC would serve two options in at full forward

  1. He would win alot of ball close to the goal and there is no better man in my opinion close to goal

  2. He gives us the option of a high ball on occasion when required. Gavin appears to use O Gara for that but to be fair he would not be my favourite player.


We played a lot of possession stuff in the 2nd half … but scored one solitary point and that from a free. I accept we were fully in control but we still gave up a gilt edged goal chance that could have left one in it. Definitely our worst league performance to date. Galway will certainly be interesting. They have no recent experience of playing us.


Think it was two points we got in 2nd half, (shocking really) .Agree last nights performance wouldn’t beat Galway who are oozing confidence and form at the moment.


Two points after a goal that ended the game as a contest. I wouldn’t be losing any sleep over it.


Only two scores 1-1


I felt mannions goal, ended it as a contest more so than the 2nd goal. The 4 point defeat flathers mayo and to only get 2 scores in 35 minutes is poor regardless. Not losing sleep, delighted with the 4/4 and looking forward to the next game.


I agree about Hennelly and he always has a match changing mistake in his locker. Scully was alive to the chance but it be hard to see any other top teams keepers giving a chance like that to him. We don t have a reliable high fielding forward anymore. O gara for every great moment has 3 errors in him. A good ball in no problem but one with snow on it is a lottery imo.


Just listened to gavin on the radio, he said tell Dub09 to get over it. No, he explained the 2nd half as, mayo putting 13 behind the ball and that we would just contain them and keep them from scoring. Kinda explains much of what was said earlier in so far as it’s planned play from the sideline, whether we put the opposition to the sword or we play it out. Just my reading of it obviously .


It was a cold night up in Castlebar, the first half was entertaining but the second was dreadful… We were well in control for the whole game and its another two points. Howard was good again and caught some good balls he is going to be a big player for us… Scully again gets through a lot of work and again had another good game. Kilkenny was all over the field covering vey inch of the park. Defence were solid enough but made a few slopey errors, pitch didnt help as it was very soft. I missed Fitzs red card as I had left by then didnt notice him getting a yellow earlier so was it a stright red ? I think Galway wil be the team that will trouble us most and may even cause a surprise. Roll on Kerry next week.


Ball at times looked very greasy to hang onto.


I too was at the match and it looked to me litte leeroy was getting a taste of his own medicine , fair play to Kilkenny he didn’t take any shite off the little shit, as for Andrew and the bear wrestler dirty cheatin divin up all nights ref was shockin especially in the 2nd half


I actually thought it was our best performance, the most controlled anyway. If Mayo keep it defensive when they are behind, there is no obligation on us to attack at all. We never remotely looked like we would lost that game, and that is the object of the thing really.

I thought the backs were superb and made the platform for the win.

The pitch was utter rubbish though and apart from everything else, it caused Mannions injury.


Can’t argue with any of that. It’s the lads own fault maybe … they have us spoiled …


I thought Dublin were very up for it physically, they were taking no shite from any of them. McCarthy especially was hitting hard, and hitting often (has to be the best practitioner of a shoulder tackle by a mile in the country)


We never looked under pressure . It was up to us whether we’d win at a canter . Foot was certainly off the pedal in the second half . Whether that was Gavin’s decision to not put the foot on the throat is anybody’s business but I’d say if they wanted to they could have buried them . Only worry was the needless turnovers . They just didn’t seem bothered in the second half .


Yeah Fitz was a straight red apparently. Had Moran in his pocket all game. It’s a shame, he was probably down to mark Geany next week. From what I saw, his tackle was a lot softer than Aidos knee from behind on Maccer. At least he was front on with what he did. Bizarre decision. As people have pointed out careers can be ended on such tackles. Look at heaslip in rugby - never been right since that Papé cheap shot, and heaslip was a man who never got injured throughout his career


Gavin on the radio this afternoon was basically saying they didn’t care about mayo putting 14 behind the ball as we were ahead on the scoreboard, and how we kept them scoreless for 30 min in the second half.

Irish times report was that it was the biggest 4 point hammering you’re likely to see.

James flag, though, in the happy rubber room, saw about 6 advantages after the game and no disadvantages. Never has someone put so much time, thought and effort into saying “I don’t know what I am talking about” on the internet.


With regards to the pitch, it wasn’t really that soft, I was out on the pitch after the game and it was surprisingly firm underfoot, although it was very uneven in places, and perhaps that was what caused some of the handling issues.


Got the feeling there seemed to be sand on it in patches and if a player tried a hop it just the ball just didn’t come back up.


Backs were well in control all right. Really like watching Darren Daly does his job tough as nails no fuss and rarely get any plaudits a great servent to to Dubs. Never lets you down and not too many get the better of him.