2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


He gave Keegan plenty and kept digging him in the chest off the ball and then pulled the jersey off Keegan which Keegan then needed to get a replacement jersey but Keegan was the initial instigator and tried to bully Kilkenny but ended up getting bullied.

Keegan was well off the pace but after he got an early point from wing back Kilkenny went inside and it nullified Keegan’s attacking threat.


That’s all I needed to know :wink:


Well Napper, as well you know, this place has fellas who come in to stir the pot and leave. Sometimes I’m privy to info and I’ll post it. I’ve never posted anything misleading. So I suggest that you just go with the regulars who don’t post crap! OK, I’ve posted crap, but that’s just my writing style!


Biggest issue for them is Rochfords reliance on the old gaurd, hoping they’ll win Sam.How many of that u.21 AI side have made it into senior team?


Cheers rochey your bang on, thanks for the heads up. Sooner the better this internet catches up with the 80s, when you could look someone in the eye when they had opinion, found it kept them polite and cut out the waffle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congrats to Dublin. Ye were only playing with us in reality. Happy we were only beat by only 4. Still hopefull we will improve come summer even if we end up in division 2. Enjoy yer night in Mayo.

I had good craic with the dubs behind da goal. Hopeless stuff from us but more on that tomorrow. Keep da faith !


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Ah but if you annoy the mayo lions you will get mauled, remember?

Same mentality than can say “Dublin were cheating by committing black card offences all over the pitch at that point and you can certainly understand why keegan threw that gps sure you do what you have to do to win and and forgivable”


Still can’t believe more isn’t being made of what Aido done to McCarthy. Darren Homan’s career was ended by accidental clash with Whelo in training. That clash would have been far less innocuous than what AOS done tonight. I don’t actually care about the result after seeing that. That was a disgrace and any respect i had for AOS is out the window. Disgraceful carry on. But will a word be said about it? Nope



Just to return to this , how did we get away with Diarmo been included . I thought they had to submit the match day panel before the programmes are printed ? Or is this not the case ?


RTE radio, called it as a yellow, said aido is just a big lad and no intent. A couple of minutes later, they said aido seems it have winded himself after that clash, no mention of jamesy.
On another note, Brian Carthy very very difficult to listen to, I mean really really difficult, had ray silke co-commentator made it bearable but only just.


For championship


Team sheet has to be submitted to Croke Park by Thursday. Sometimes printers need more time to print the programmes and “fake” team sheets are invented for publishing purposes. No changes can be made to the official 26, with the exception of an injury to a keeper.


It was a disgraceful foul. And the arsehole from Aran on the mayogaablog quoted doesn’t know ■■■■ all about Gaelic football to label it as thunderous tackle. Of course the minute I seen it I knew the big lummox would only get a yellow. I could imagine the ref dishing out the yellow to the Twitter star while singing Winnie the poo chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff in soothing tones.


+1.Only watched that fly on the way documentary on caffreys time in charge 2 weeks ago and the same thought occured to me , what o shea did was reckless and dangerous and deliberate.


The game was really defined by Mayo’s inability to score in the second half. They were awful up front into a tricky but not completely limiting wind. Dublin put 1-9 into it and should of had more.

It’s a league match and its questionable how much it matters in the greater scheme of things but I thought it was obvious Dublin were reigned in last night. We could of buried them.

The possession holding tactic was at its extreme in stages.


I’m in two minds about this . It’s a great way of eventually getting a score but can be hard to watch at times .


If retaining possession is the right thing to do then it should be done. Kicking the ball in needlessly is the cheap option. 1 or 2 high balls went in to dean and let’s face it that’s not his forte .


With regards to the 2 balls being on the pitch the problem was that when a shot came in, the ball was bouncing off the ball stops and back onto the pitch, but there was no ball boys (or whatever their official title is), at either end of the ground, so when Cluxton went to take the quick kick out the original ball had rolled onto the pitch, and the umpires refused to move to remove the ball, so the ref kept stopping the game