2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


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Could you imagine what a certain “journalist” and other former IC players would be saying if that was Dublin.
The fact that all are silent now, confirms what we already knew , that there are exceptions made and when it comes to the little boys in the west, there are exceptional exceptions made, just on compassionate grounds you know, as they say " have yis no heart for the hurt " up in the big smoke.


2 yellows it was .


Another win which is great but considering we were hearing the last two weeks how many players Mayo had missing and how easily Dublin would win, and considering we put out a very strong side, it’s not a very good performance overall.


Happy to get the win, great support behind the goal and in the stands . Dont know how the attendance was 15,000 , seemed much higher. Mayo fans all clapping and cheering when Fitzy got the line as if they had won the match, Cant beat this shower enough.
On another note .Fair play to Cluxton. Stayed out on the pitch signing autographs and posing for selfless. Well after the game had finished.
Another win on the road is nice.


Was surprised that we did not win by more, these guys are going to be around in August /Sept again, I am convinced though


We started 9 of last years final team - mayo started 7


If Cluxton concentrated more on his game than signing autographs he might win an All-Star.

According to Bernard Flynn?



The bigger concern for mayo is that they don’t seen to have many players comming through

I’d give them lots of slack at this tine of year but I’d worry about them in a year or two unless they find more


Possibly but, as things stand, the Super 8’s is the great unknown. Agreed, their multiple near-death experiences in the championship last year would allow questions to be raised but I’m not sure many outside the top 4 teams have the experience, preparation & ability to put them away with their best 20 players locked & loaded. Time will tell.


With Kildare playing Donegal tomorrow, the winner of that will move out of relegation and be replaced by … yes you have guessed it !


Think it was the easiest win so far, always looked in full control, a good few unforced errors maybe but it was so easy I think that was understandable. Mayo seem to have no real game plan, they were very headless and that has to be a worry for them


Just back from game, actually still in Castlebar in sloyhans pub, good to get the win


E MacKenna


Someone on here said something like that earlier in the thread I think.

Their apparently all-consuming quest for Sam looks to be stunting their underage graduates’ ability to properly push onto the senior stage which will hurt them in the years to come, you feel.
Ourselves & (belatedly) Kerry seem to have a better plan when it comes to transitioning underage talent onwards & upwards.


I am genuinely sure the people of Castlebar and Westport and Ballina will be very happy with the boost to the local economy. It’s something you won’t hear Paul Kimmage or Amoan Grumpy or Ewe and Muck comment on. Doesn’t suit their agendas.


Dunno, can’t see Jim letting them off with it just 'cos the opposition were at it although there were a few attempted ball hops where the ball squirted away at an odd angle or never returned at all. Lack of a bounce is one thing but a squidgy surface like that would annoy the feck out of me.


Good win but we never went or had to go through the gears and I wouldn’t mind not getting more than 2 scores In the 2nd half as we held possession and didn’t break the gain line and didn’t have to.

For the previous posters that reckon Kilkenny didn’t warrant getting a yellow obviously didn’t see what he was at to Keegan :sunglasses:.


Do tell :sunglasses:


Wasn’t at the game as I’m working all weekend. I did see the game on the box, and the snippets I saw showed Keegan giving it loads. I’ve no doubt CK was giving it too. It was a pedestrian win in footballing stakes, but our willingness to stick it to them and them to us, was very evident!


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