2018 NFL : Round 4 - Mayo v Dublin, Saturday February 24th, McHale Park, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


I would hate to have that fcuker reffing a serious game. He is a totally incompetent. .


Yeah I think so


That’ll do :+1:


If anything was to come of tonight , at least Diarmo made an appearance


I agree to disagree. Better than the rest last year, how much of that was down to being journey men and leading in s&c.


That ref needs to be sent of ■■■■ of land.


We won that playing in 2nd gear, Mayo’s bench are atrocious compared to ours. Moran and Aido diving like f**k all night. Job done so no complaints apart from the totally incompetent referee.


A 4 point defeat somewhat flatters Mayo but we were dreadful in that second half so can’t complain.


Really too early to throw a prediction on where Mayo will or won’t be come the summer. The Galway threat plus the Super 8’s will tell us a lot more.

Our attacking execution has been off for much of the 2nd half yet it still felt a case of men against boys tbh. We could’ve been 12-15 points clear if we put our foot to the floor tbh.

Credit to the travelling blue army btw. Really made their presence heard which is great to hear - especially in enemy territory!


Rock man of the match. Not that it matters, would have gone for Scully myself.


Meant to mention that, they were superb and you could really hear them over the airwaves. Well done people!


Monaghan beat Tyrone tonight.


A true thing of beauty. A missile programmed & delivered, as only Dermo can.


Same ref. you could say cost us the league final against Kerry denying us a penalty.
Can expect him to appear again when the powers that be want to narrow the odds for the opposition


exactly, get the results the suits want or you’ll not ref a decent game again.


Well done to all who traveled down.

A bit disappointing that we didn’t stretch out the lead in the second half, but clearly we didn’t need to. Four wins from four is the main thing. Pitty Mannion went off injured, if it was his hammer it might put him out for the rest of the league but I doubt it will keep him out of the championship.

As for Mayo, I know they will be better come Championship, but they don’t seem to be building any strength in depth. It’s hard to see them being a better team this year than last, whereas both ourselves and Kerry seem to be strengthening.


I think they’ll be found out with the super 8s. For the last few years, they’ve been relying on saving it all until the semis, they were steeped last year.


That’s mayos last 8 games and none of the opposition have finished with 15 players, yep just saying :thinking:


Could you imagine what a certain “journalist” and other former IC players would be saying if that was Dublin.


It may not have been great but still winning in what can only be described as 2nd gear…i know it’s all about championship but the mayos Kerrys and Tyrones won’t get any confidence continually losing to our lads no matter how anyone wants to dress it up