2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


Can’t see this being the cake walk that others do. Talking to a Donegal mate who was at both their game’s. He felt they were terrible last week but was surprised at how organised Galway were. Against Kerry they were much better and he felt that if Mullins had stayed on they would have won, Kerry’s higher fitness levels told in the end. I wonder which Donegal will turn up against us?
For us I can’t see Clucko being dropped as his kickouts have been poor, which seems to be down to trying a different strategy with them. I would like to see Johnny Cooper improve in the centre back role, for me he has not played that well there in the first two games. He gets caught out of position too often I think. Howard has been very good and would love to see himself and Basquel who has also been impressive start. Jim has normally made two to three changes per game in the league (personnel or positional) so will be very interesting to see how we go about this one.



Why do we bother naming Lowndes at corner back and Cooper at half back when the world and their dogs know that’s not how they’ll play? I’m interested to see what the bench is like. Will we see Diarmuid finally? Getting withdrawals from not seeing him at this stage. 16/1 for POTY. Buying money. He’s going to tear it up this year


You’re assuming he’s going to play. I’ve a feeling there’s more than meets the eye here. I believe he’s fit and good to go but not in favour.
After all that went on last year he may just say good luck to ya JG


Could not disagree more. No chance is the best player of his generation out of favour.


Cooper scares the life out of me at centre back to be honest. If the CHF is a big lad, the opposition keeper can just aim kick outs at him - like Donegal 2013 ( when Cooper was centre half back).


Fear a real trimming for Donegal.

Like Tyrone, they’ve been conditioned to be defensive and it’ll take a while for Bonner to make them more attacking.

The danger is they revert to form once they’re behind…and get picked off sitting back.

Maybe it’s the scars from the semi final speaking…but I’d be surprised if Dublin don’t win by 8 pts.


that POTY at 16 to 1 is tempting to throw a sneaky tonne on it while herself is in the shower or something but there’s other possibilities even if you ignore the eagle-poisoners and the runners-up. Jamesie has to be in the mix and what does Steveo have to do to get one??


Be from Mayo? :roll_eyes:


I have three season tickets for tonight if anyone wants them. Two adult, one child. Cusack Lower, Section 306. Free to anyone who wants them but please use them!


get dropped for the final, have shirley temple hair? cost your team with the last kick out of the game? give numerous ‘ah shure’… interviews to the media. be called ‘Second Prize’ I did leave anything out?


I have to admire the likes of Leroy & Andy . Very chilled out guys . You’d think losing 4 all irelands or even more in Andy’s case would haunt ya . Their fans certainly don’t hold anything against the team , best fans in the world…


Since it went to a vote it is too unpredictable. It is as much a popularity contest as anything. Eir sport showed the 2016 AI Hurling final the other evening. It was one of the best displays ever by a player in an AI final by Callinan, if not the best, and he didn’t get POTY. Gleeson had made a bit a name for himself and Tipp had two players nominated, so Gleeson got it. As much as we (rightfully) complain about Cluxton being snubbed for awards, this one was almost criminal.

When things go to a ‘popular vote’, no one is responsible, and everyone is free to engage their prejudices. Hurling is worse then football, because there are GPA guys voting from division 4 counties who will never be on the same field as the players they are voting for. But as an award now, it is a flawed thing and very unpredictable.


Same comments apply on the named team as did last week. Good to see Howard start and a good strong team named.

Cluxton/ Comerford as is. I’m not going to bang on about it.

Re POTY: way too early obviously but Fenton and McCarthy have started well.

I see Paddy Power have Kerry second favourite for the All Ireland at 7/2, ahead of Mayo at 11/2. Not sure about that.


Unite North and South Korea with DJ Trump as President?




No Connolly.


Is Mullins named for Donegal?


No sign of any starting 15 online yet. And I used to think that we’d got into a habit of late team “selections”.



You begin to wonder if he’ll be in for the meetings with Mayo & Kerry at this rate. How weird is it to be even contemplating that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I know in Jim we trust but, bearing in mind how much he missed of last year’s championship, a couple of serious division 1 league encounters would be of more benefit to him and us than the early rounds of the Leinster championship surely?