2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


It will be interesting too to see Nathan Mullins in action. Based on his 2017 form, I think he would have got an O Byrne Cup run with Dublin


Wonder will he set out to prove a point that he should have been picked by Gavin .


He will try but he just is not at the level to carry it out or he would have been picked up before. He is a very good club player but before top 6 county teams standard imo


Was he born in Donegal ?


Yes he was born in Donegal when his father was principal up in Carndonagh.


This. There’s no way on earth he would have got anywhere close to MDMA, Bastick, Fenton. Really good player but not that good


Would be surprised if Jim G let him slip through the net.

It’s just unfortunate for him that Dublin are so strong in that area.

It’s some test for him playing Dublin in CP…emotionally as well you’d think.

I still think/hope he’ll be a good catch for Donegal. Certainly make them more direct.


As far as I remember he wasn’t even a nailed on regular on Vins a couple of seasons back - and then he was playing in the HB line?


Ah ya funny thing ya …


and a relation of dcr


Wrong part of the county boss :wink:


All the same up there !!


Oh no it’s not, trust me on that one!


Boom boom!

Just got that. No flys around here.


If the school is in Cardonagh…that’s probably the most northernly school…if not, it can’t be far off.


Weren’t people saying the same about Bastic back in the day . People are actually capable of improving over time .


It’s one of the biggest secondary schools in the country, I believe.


I just assumed it was small and rural…but makes sense as it would get a big catchment in Innishowen.

I’d say it’d cut you in 2 in winter…the weather I mean.


I see we’re on the telly again this week. Happy days. Cavan v Meth should be worth a look for the ‘sneer’. Meth are ‘flying’ at the moment . Unearthing prodigious talent at an alarming rate. A sure harbinger for the rest of leinster to take warning. O’Rourke was seen doing little ‘lepps’ as his beloved
stalwarts put Clare to the sword last Sunday.


Your right, but he had a big step up in form this year. I think he is too unorthodox in style to make a Dublin team. But I do suspect he would have been given a shot at it in the OByrne Cup squad.