2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


From the highlights I saw, it looked like the game passed NM a bit.

But with only 20 mins of league time coming into this game, and against 2 top midfielders…maybe understandable.

It’s going to take him a while to fit into a new team.


I actually thought he was on the ball more then the other midfielder. They were in trouble at midfield right enough, but I thought there was more to it then Mullins.


Ger gets really hard done by from the general consensus re his first half performance that day. It was a system problem, rather than Ger playing badly. We needed a corner back to man-mark Gooch, and therefore, it was required than Cian move off him and Ger had to get called ashore.

But Ger actually had a reasonably good first half! He was on the ball more than any other Dub in that half. I have all the stats from that game. Brennan had 13 possessions - James McCarthy beside him in the half back line only had 3 in that half by way of comparison. Brennan collected more Cluxton kickouts than any other Dub for the whole game, despite being on for only half the game. Ger was absolutely integral to most of the good attacking play we had in the first half.

The problem was Gooch “cheated”. As soon as Ger got the ball, Gooch went the other way. So when Kerry got the ball he was free and Ger looked to be languishing. When O’Sullivan went on him, he never left his side, never went looking to join in our attacks from defence. Cut down Gooch’s effectiveness almost completely, at the cost of losing one of our most important outlets/passers when in possession, but clearly well worth it for this match.


That’s interesting re the possession count. Also, if I remember correctly, Brennan was actually moved off the Gooch about half way through the first half, and McCarthy went on him. But I agree it was a system problem, he did have to be man marked and it had to be by someone very mobile. At CHF Cooper had 360 deg of space to run into for the ball, at corner forward he only has two choices really, wrap around or sprint onto it.

But I think apart from Cooper there is a whole host of other corner forwards who could get a new lease of life by being moved out to the half forward line. You need a strong physical presence to be a corner forward, and to be very fast. Some of the knackier guys could probably do with a bit more space. Most full back lines now are 4 v 3 or 3 v 2, there is no handy ball in there anymore. Whereas some half forwards can go the whole game without having to fight for a 50/50 ball.