2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


I felt O’Gara did SFA wiht that tackle, very harsh yellow, barely a free.


Byrne was a class underage player, as influential at U21 as O Carroll was. Also on the ball he is superb, for the last 15 minutes of the 2016 final he was nearly our most important player. Yes, he has had two rough days out, McManus and McBrearty - but in his defence, in the game against McManus he was left one on one with him for most of the game and on Saturday for at least two of those McBrearty points Byrne had done his job and forced a shot from a very low percentage area. The fact McBrearty scored is more down to his talents then anything Byrne did or didn’t do.

He is probably in fourth place now, of the three for the full back line, but he is probably the most stereotypical full back of the lot. So I think he will make a place his own there in the coming years.


I’d have Rory O’Carroll back in a heartbeat… but we haven’t done too badly since he left.


I agree with most of what your saying but if a guy like McBrearty is scoring for fun , surely you make a switch ?


I think he’s in the states, but will he ever don the blue jersey again I think he’s only 28ish


Doubtful . Rory is a smart guy . Knew to put his health above anything else .


Not if Gavin is viewing it as a good opportunity for Byrne to develop as a defender. It’s not always just about the win. If it was then he wouldn’t be playing lads like Byrne, Howard or Basquel at all, he would just play proven players like COS or Connolly. One of the main reasons we are as strong as we are is that JG has had the confidence to play younger players, sometimes for an extended run, just to develop the depth of squad that is required.


Yes I agree what your saying , it’s to further to develop him . He’s been around a while now though .
Is it doing his confidence any good getting cleaned out by McManus or McBrearty .
My point is I don’t think he’s the best option to put on the opposition’s marquee player .


I’d look at it again Al. Stupid tackle.


McB was unplayable at times. Who would have done a better job, Jack? Who would’ve had the pace?


The reach around one just after he came on? Where the lad went down for nothing?


Easy tiger! This isn’t a rugger forum!


Fitzy or Coops . If a guy is unplayable you make changes . Jim obviously wasn’t too fussed about this .But if this was the championship there’s no way you allow that to go on without making changes .
Ala Cian been switched on Gooch when Ger was been roasted in the '13 semi I think .


Ger just didn’t have the legs and Gooch had the best half of football in the history of any sport the world over don’tcha know. Mick Fitz had his own problems with being on McB, and one or two others in the past, as all players do. Johnny might have done a bit better I grant you.


I just feel Davy has been thrown in at the deep end sometimes when a better option could have been used .


Maybe so. I think whoever said Gavin tries to get players to learn in certain quite ruthlessly challenging ways is probably near the mark. I’m sure he makes lads well aware of why though, to some extent


It seems a better strategy then Donegal with Mullins anyway, where they just hauled him off because he was the new guy.


Gavin refused RTE interviews again last weekend



over DVD’s??


Is it a one-off refusal…or going to be ongoing?