2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


First big catch was Davy Byrne. Reddin soared like an eagle shortly after he stroked over his point.
Mannion’s pass to Paddy Small was pinpoint and the young fella did the rest. We finished very well with three late substitutions scoring.


After additional time.


Glad it wasn’t just me who thought that. TO’S looked rightly pissed off throughout the whole show. There was very little back & forth between him & SC, the way there often is between pundits. Whatever about Moy vs An Gaeltacht, I wonder is there bad blood between them going back to the Tyrone v Kerry days?


I would be surprised if that’s the case. Both seem like very reasonable lads who played the game fair imo.


It seems the vast majority of teams are retreating to well beyond the 45M line now when Dublin has the ball. But whereas this used to be a problem for us, we now have a system that takes care of it more or less. But we seemed to have become ingrained in this system a bit, and now have a bit of trouble when the other team doesn’t retreat so far. The big difference the other night between the first half Donegal and the second half Donegal is that in the second half they began to meet us on the half way line and not allow us get further up the field without pressure.

If a team is conditioned in such a way that they can stay with Dublin at this, they stand a chance. Kerry and Mayo can, and they then make it a game of individual match ups and not one system versus another. The problem Dublin might have is that the same players who can work the system really well, are not the necessarily the same players who can win one on one battles.

Kilkenny, Connolly, Howard, O Callaghan and Mannion can do both, and Rock is vital for the frees. So for me they are our six forwards. Scully can be very useful in some type of games, and so can Kevin Mc, maybe Basquel though would threaten his place a bit as they are sort of similar. But I would love to see what effect Aaron Byrne would have in there as a ball carrier, he would bring something new. I would also like to see Shane Carthy get a good chance in the second half of the league. He can bring scores from midfield also (and is a very good free taker also, if the need arises).


I thought it very very strange on a night like that on Saturday that both teams were guilty of the same mistake in allowing Murphy and Rock kick a free with their first touch. That wind obviously took getting used to and as pointed out above McBrearty was have an unreal game kicking for fun in the second half and Basquel was doing well on ours also on his side. Little things like that can cost teams at some point.
Another decent performance and good to see us tested and show the bottle and composure to eventually find a way to win.


well said


[quote=“BohemianDub, post:324, topic:3069, full:true”]
I would be surprised if that’s the case. Both seem like very reasonable lads who played the game fair imo.[/quote]

This might explain it then so.


Would be surprised.

You can pick incidents between most opposing players if they play often enough against each other…it’s like looking back and saying Small and Peter Harte have history because they tussled in HP.

Not just saying this because I’m biased…but I always felt Kerry had more gripe towards Tyorne than the other way about.

Probably because as a winning team you don’t have to worry about grudges.


We get it …mayo…:laughing:


But it’s true.

Once you win you don’t really give a f***. You’re happy.

It’s the losing team that feels the pain and the ‘what ifs’

That’s how I felt as a fan anyways.


Had it for years with Mayo & Kerry , not felt it for quite a few years though :wink:


Or to put it more bluntly…another durty Tyrone nardrinner, got in the way of an O’Se getting his paws on his God given birthright, namely another All Ireland medal.

If the aforementioned durty Tyrone nardrinner, then winds up in the seat next to him in Montrose, all twinkley eyed & rosy cheeked, from his own recent wander up the steps of the Hogan Stand…well, you can figure out how that must feel.

But of course, Tomas is far too much of a decent skin to ever be that petty, am I right boys? :wink:


I was worried when I saw Davy Byrne starting because I knew he would be on Paddy . He got skinned a few years ago McManus Vs Monaghan . You’d need someone sticky like Cooper or Fitzy on him . It’s games like this where Rory O’Carrol is badly missed

I think that has been a deliberate tactic by Gavin in the past, especially with Byrne. If JG was really worried he could have made a switch early in the game, but similar to the McManus situation a few years ago, he was happy to leave Byrne at it and let him learn how to deal with them as the game went on.


I see that’s my post . Question is , has Davy learned . He’s a good defender but not of the Fitzy / Cooper / O’Carrol calibre . Maybe it was a case neither of them would have had the required success . Fitzy lost his starting place in the Dublin team in 2012 when I think Moran skinned him for the entire game . It shows the class of the guy that he stuck at it to get back in & it showed in the replay in '16 .
Will Davy be as good as the guys I mentioned . I don’t know but Jim is certainly giving him a chance other managers might have not . I think he’s a mismatch on the opposition’s top forward .


That was the score of the game for me. And there were fantastic scores on both sides.


He is in the running for player of the week on gaa.ie and well deserved if he gets it. When called ashore by gavin you could see he had emptied the tanks and given a very good account of himself. Paddy small who although he only got a few minutes made a great fetch over at the cusack and kicked a point at the end needed no settling in and I reckon he might just be the perfect player for Dublin to give opposition keepers nightmares.


They didn’t put it back on though, MM missed two easy frees, and two other chances in the last 10 minutes. That game should have gone to the wire. We may not have got all of those last 4 scores if Donegal were staying within a point or getting level. Or maybe we would. But we wouldn’t have been able to control the tempo quite as easily and might not have kept as many back.


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1-5 to 6 points, mother of divine mercy! That’ll be another itch for the hardcore KOTF to scratch, their beloved pure Gaeltacht natural born footballers held to 6 points, probably all from frees?


The likes of MM, and Rock at this stage, should be well able to say if they feel on form for taking kicks.