2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


What’s the template? Be 6 points down at HT and hope Dublin decide to stop playing for 25 mins in the second half?


Donegal have been in the McKenna Cup while Dublin were on holiday.

Dublin don’t need to be super fit in Feb.

Max pts from 3 games…top of the table…and blooding new players.

I imagine it’s all going to plan with JG.


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Sorry…I was victimised after slagging off a certain local delicacy.

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Strange 25 mins in second half . Dublin I felt pulled too many back during this period . They invited Donegal to shoot from distance a bit like the Tyrone game. Difference was Donegal had a Paddy mc Brearty who was on fire. This kept Donegal within touching distance of Dublin. This period where Donegal outscored us did show that to put us under pressure get some return the opposition has to attack in numbers when they have the ball. Not many teams will be able to do this , but I do think that period will be analysed by a lot of teams as a way to get at us. Possibly to their detriment because when we have all our lads back and fully up to speed, we will be a different animal.
Although this was a game that could of been over early second half , but for poor passes by us at the final delivery.
All in all it was a good game that brings on our young lads more. Howard is really looking good , Basquel was very clever at times with the ball and I was delighted to see Paddy Small get a score. Scullys run for one of his points was class.
EoGara tackle was stupid in the extreme and he really needs to be taken aside and shown what way to tackle. It was an easy yellow , where there was no danger and then we are walking a tightrope with him.
A game like that would have been set up for Con.


Yep, and three games on the bounce just back from holidays takes it toll, they were always going to have a bit of jet lag eventually but they have the wherewithal and the new faces to pull it out of the fire.

Donegal are surprising to be zero from three, but they are remodeling their style of play which they have had for eight years. They’ll come good and stay up I think. I’d also bet that they’ll be Ulster champions.


I think there is a tendency to look at what the opposition missed and not look at what we missed. Rock missed a handy free, so did Basquel. I think Donegal did ok but dont think they could have won,



It’s a testament of the team’s character that they were able to up the game in the second half in Healy Park…and killed of a Donegal fightback when needed (as much as I supported the noisy neighbours).

I saw the difference first hand last season between Dublin in the first drawn league game in CP, and the massacre in August.

And your last comment is true: Donegal will win Ulster playing like that.

First up is the final with Tyrone next sat.


Well they did pass up two good goal chances which would of taking the edge off a poor first half for them. I dont recall us creating any. It’s been said Dublin slacked off but im not convinced. Losing the midfield and a quality player shooting the lights out is getting outplayed imo.

Id factor in McAuley tiring and that change should have come sooner. I was impressed with how we closed it out but if they were not recently back id be worried about the defence. We are giving up far too many goal chances.


Anyone else think T.O’S looked like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle when Lyster was talking to Cavanagh about the Moy?


Hypocracy, you rant about rights while insulting me and denying mine. I don’t require an ignorant lecture from you. Point out any rules I broke or where I have taken someone’s character. Can I please refer you to the politics thread where if you feel the need for a crusade you may get more fertile ground.


Never seen a Bulldog licking piss of a nettle, but I’ll take your word for it :wink:


We dominated the game for at least 45 minutes, we could have been further ahead in the first half and when they pushed us in the second half we got our act together and pulled away. Don’t get me wrong, I think they put up a good show and they look to be going in the right direction, but on overall viewing I felt we were a the better side last night by a fair bit and if Donegal had won I would have felt that we let it slip. I think when a team pulls away like we did in the end it tells a tale.


Forgot that!

The Moy beat An Gaelteacht in the semi.


1-0 I think it was …


Oi !!

Never knock back a 1-0 victory.

Marriage should teach you that…like getting the telly all to yourself for an hour.


Last year everything went through Ciaran Kilkenny, this year Brian Fenton has become the general and i love the way he is controlling things and taking his own scores as well. Ciaran’s 2017 role (over and back runs across the field) has gone (thankfully), but what is his new role?? I also wonder what happens when Diarmuid come back, another playmaker. We could end up with too many chiefs and not enough finishers.
There were times in the 2nd half last night when we had no full forward line in place to take a ball. O’Gara was brought on and did score a point but he seems to have only one gear when running and gives away too many frees.


Ah, I am not at all saying he shouldn’t be there. He should. It is just that he could be so incredibly good if he sorted out some basics.


With Ciaran now he is being marked very tight. Even Sat night Donegal player kept holding him.
Before when he was nullified it affected our game. Now I’d say Jim is looking to spread the responsibilities, Howard even on numerous times held possession very well. Also we can’t rely on O Gara as a starter , he’s too unpredictable , Possibly coming on near the end is his best chance. If Howard and Scully keeps up their good form. We could see Ciaran or Dermo in full forward.


Agreed on the 45min. That’s about right. In my previous post it reads like we were outplayed for the entire game but I meant to refer to the 2nd half. Those key possession wins under pressure in the last 10 mins were very impressive. I havnt watched it back yet to see who won them. Reddin caught one I think.