2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


Great score from Mattie Donnelly to win it for Tyrone.


So I hear. A captain’s point.

And a good scoreline from both sides given the conditions

Tyrone needed those 2 pts…a draw didn’t really do either team much good. Even for confidence, a win was needed.

5 of the side are playing Siegerson on Tuesday then the McKenna Cup on Sat (or Siegerson final). Nearly too many games.


Yiz luv D, C’OC.


Just watching the highlights on TG4, some great scores from both sides, far ahead of the standard of scores we saw today.

Also noticed that Cluxton actually saved the shot on goal at the end of the first half, he just got his fingertips to it.

I’ve said this before but why do GAA highlights focus nearly only on scores. Scully keeping the ball in play on the sideline was excellent play, yet didn’t feature in the highlights.


So does that make it 2 points for paddy ?




Fair enough…it is too much. Especially when you factor in the training and travelling.

Lee Brennan needs wrapped in cotton wool.


No. Reddin got the second last and Paddy Small got the last.


That was some ball reddin caught near the end like wise Davy Byrne when it mattered most.fenton is just a joy to watch he just glides along the pitch like a gazzele the way he strikes the ball at pace and under pressure is unreal left or right just class


a pure dirt bag, such a sleeveen


their a shower of sly dirty pox bottles and aido should just change his name to elbows o shea, cause that’s all he does, has been getting away with it for years, younger o conor is every bit as bad as the brother


Video of that horrific attack in Galway v mayo game today on twitter here are 3 pics from incident.


Very clumsy, that fella.


He’d got into a good habit of making dis-possessions in our own half / midfield. He was at it again last night.
And he’s still very much in credit after squirming in off the Cusack Stand side & squirting over that point v Mayo last September. Sentimental justification? Damn right!


Good to see Kilkenny seems to have finally straightened out his kicking technique.


Or cock.

Or St. Cillian of the Elbow.

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Sarky software, ffs.

BTW o se was getting rather ahead of himself on league Sunday with this “Donegal have shown the template to beat Dublin” stuff. I swear his eyes were welling up.


:joy:, Well that’s a new one I didn’t know .
As regards O’Se , I’m still at a loss to why they pulled that 7 point lead back . I think there was a few bad kick outs involved there where we gave the ball right back to them . And McBrearty couldn’t miss last night . Also their number 15 Jamie Brennan was very good , think he sold Fitzy a few kippers . I was worried when I saw Davy Byrne starting because I knew he would be on Paddy . He got skinned a few years ago McManus Vs Monaghan . You’d need someone sticky like Cooper or Fitzy on him . It’s games like this where Rory O’Carrol is badly missed .
Personally , I just think they hit a purple patch after half time . But it’s good to get a scare like that . I genuinely thought it was a very exciting game for a league match in early February. And the substitution of Murphy really derailed them where Bonner probably thought it would spur them on . The crowd certainly got behind his introduction .
Lots to learn from it which is a positive .Our late subs did tremendously well . Reddin & Paddy Small .
Maybe they should have been introduced earlier . I’m not sure why Jim didn’t make a change earlier when clearing Donegal got a run on us .


I think SC and most others thought the same…Dublin were in control, took the foot of the pedal a bit in the 3rd quarter…then put it back on again when Donegal got too close.

And they’d a bunch of star players warming the bench.

Don’t think EF will be pouring over last nights game thinking he has the keys to the kingdom.


I think until the players get their fitness up they will have periods in games where they will lag compared to teams back at it longer.


I think Donegal are moving well and are unfortunate to be propping up the table. They were poor enough in Galway but could of beaten both Dublin and Kerry. Mixture of mistakes, kickouts and losing midfield turned the tide last night I thought and it took a few key individual plays to get us back on track. Some of PM scores were superb though. Their latter league games against sides they should be beating on this form will be interesting.