2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


Have to say, that Scully slide, pass, receive and point classic just showed determination and skill in spades


■■■ sent off again for the sneaky elbow, what a scumbag. the brother followed him 2 min later for a clothes-liner…


A couple of fine catches by Byrne and Reddin in the last few minutes were excellent. We were good in the first half but fair play to Donegal they really put it up to us in second half and to be honest they were unlucky to be beaten bt 5 points. They kicked some bad wides and Murphy kicked 3 wides and one into Cluxtons hands. It was a good run out for us and we had to dig a bit deeper to get over the line good to get a team to push us.

Just watched second half of Galway/Mayo. I like the look of Galway they play good football and I think they will give us a game later on in league. They actually remind me of the way we play. Great to see SILLYIAN O CONNOR getting a red card.


o’connor that is (his initials deleted above)


Obviously your not aware as to the unwritten rules here regarding the person you referred to. Someone with more time than me might put you in the picture, but just to let you know you could be blocked for an extended period for making reference to he who cannot be named. I agree with your sentiment totally .


I am not sure where Aaron Byrne is at in relation to his injury, but I would like to see him get a run out. He can be a bit special sometimes…

I wonder what’s up with Costello? I would have expected him to get game time…


you’re right napper, i’m totally unaware. i’ve seen players referred to by their initials a million times on the site. how is this “bannable”? are we allowed discuss things?


Just put a space between the letters , c o c


DOC could have got straight red for either of them tackles.


O’Connor will be marked man now with referees. Too many Mayo players are wasting their energy and focus harassing referees. Boyle, AOS, McLoughlin and the O’Connors spend too much time diving trying to con referees.


Saying it for years about him , he’s the worst for it ( diving )


We are allowed to discuss and in fairness as a rule the mods do a terrific job here. Just the one exception really and that’s the victims, reasons unknown but as a county they seam to be in the protected species bracket to such an extent that fair comment is judged as bitter opposition. Reality is never or rarely allowed to be part of the critical analysis of them more fawning and pity is the rule .


He was stung today. Great man to exaggerate contact.


Akin to being snipered.


I wonder will James Horan highlight this in 2 weeks time :wink:


I would say not :wink:


Come on lads, have you nothing better to do on a Sunday evening than worrying about the likes of that.


There was a suggestion here earlier that it was Reddin that got the last point, and I see the camera cut to him after the score. But I had a look at the recording and it was Small, as the commentator said.


I’m just killing time waiting for the mayo blog to be updated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tg4 showing last nights match now