2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


They’re all spoofers.


McBrearty was excellent last night, kicked some beautiful scores, but he is very ‘one footed’. The problem for him is that as the year goes on and defences tighten up this mitigates against him against the really top teams, especially when he is the only real scoring threat they possess. What could well help him, and Donegal, as the year goes on would be Murphy regaining some form and being played solely as a forward, not being dragged out the field as has been the case in recent years. if they were to operate with two scoring inside forwards then an Ulster title could be well within their grasp.


Doubt we’ll see much of Mullins in the summer. Looked out of his depth last night unfortunately.


Was going to ask that.

Might take him a run out in the rest of the league and the Ulster c’ship before we see the best of him.

Before that he’s a big game on sat night in the McKenna Cup final v Tyrone.

Both managers and teams will want to win. Could be tasty.


Thought so too .


Well said DUB09, standing on the hill last night viewing the match through what could only be best described as a shattered windscreen, thought the ref really gave the decisions to Donegal when they needed them not because it was the right decision. One example being, dng player running in on goal tackled by 4 dubs losses possession, the ref is 10 yards behind play can see nothing and blows for an arm pull. Their the breaks you need and their the refs that will get the games come championship.


That’s standard procedure in the GAA these days. Once one team is getting a pasting the rulebook goes out the window and referees see themselves as equalizers.


My sentiments exactly, couldn’t of put it better myself.


Think there’s a reason JG never came looking for him and last night showed his judgment was almost certainly bang on. I know it sounds mad to be writing him off at this level so soon but he’s played twice now and picked up a very silly red and then last night the game totally passed him by. He contributed nothing.

I don’t intend to be harsh on the lad, he’s excellent at club level but the step up to county level seems a bit beyond him unfortunately.

I was sitting right behind the Donegal subs and you could see it in his face as he came off. Think he realised himself he has a serious improvement to make and quick.

Hopefully he can turn it around


Really enjoyed that game last night. A few highlights for me were

  1. Lowndes point in first half a beautiful kick that soared over the bar.
  2. Scully’s point where he slid to stop ball going over line laid off a pass got up for return and solo and kicked a point.
  3. Reddins point from Cusack stand side brilliant point. He is well able to take a score.


Lowndes point was a beauty. I know he has been confused for Connolly before. Same confusion could have happened last night too :joy:


he’s already seriously good, often the difference between us and opponents in the biggest games.


Did anyone notice that in the first half there seemed to be a deliberate tactic of launching ball to the edge of the square. I think we got some dividends from it


Yeah, I’d be surprised if NM was allowed to slip under the radar.

It’s a big step up from being a good club player to being a good IC player…never mind being able to mix it with Dublin.

But at least he’s sure to get time with Donegal - and the way they’re playing, win an Anglo Celt medal in July.


Anyone notice the long ball tactic we were trying last night ?


the thing about the refs being equalisers isn’t new, its been around for an age and not just our sport. anyone who follows a bit of nba or hockey in the states will be well familiar with it. all to do with money and how much mullah can be got for selling the TV rights. and the more TV and money comes into it, the more this will happen. the suits don’t say to refs “keep it close so its exciting on TV” but they might as well cos any ref with an ounce of cop knows he’ll get ■■■■ all games again if he allows them dubs trash the culchies in high-summer on “prime-time TV”. very yankish, i know, but we do have a habit of sheeping everything they do.


He had a good McKenna cup and the first league game became a non event for him. They were under the cosh at midfield for a while last night and he paid the price, it could just as easily have been the other midfielder though. But the real culprit was the keeper, he needed to vary it a lot more.

Mullins might be up to this, or he might not, but I don’t think we have seen a whole heap of evidence either way.


I could not for the life of me work out what the strategy was. He was hitting the 65 in the first half and the forwards weren’t dropping in to compete. Dublin cleaned them out on their kickouts


Absolutely he is good. But I worry some day he will turn over a ball and lose us a big game. He is worth his place on the championship team, but it’d not without its riskd.


His soloing skills are cat at times . I think it can be difficult because he’s left footed yet he’s playing corner forward on the right .So he has to cut inside to get a shot off his left peg & this is where he runs into problems .