2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


Any reason why he didn’t play tonight?


Who knows , same could be said for Flynn .


Think someone said he’s only back training this week


I’m all for not taking any shit but it seems to only Small taking no shit every week. Worried it might cost us eventually. Think the man is a super player but you’d think he’d learn from the 2 let offs he’s had in AI finals


Ultimately he was sent off , and we were blessed for Vaughan having an absolute moment of madness .
These things will bite us in the ass . I firmly believe we would have beat Kerry in the league final if Connelly hadn’t gotten a black card . We weren’t great but it’s better to have our top players on the pitch than sitting in the stands .
Small has grown into a top defender . Whatever they are doing up in Ballymun , keep it up because now we have his brother to look forward to . I was surprised Jim brought on Paddy so late , didn’t expect the impact he would have . Him & Reddin got us over the line . Question is , what does Reddin have to do to get more game time .


Another good performance overall, Basquel did really well, and Scully and Lowndes were very good, Johnny Cooper superb. Donegal gave it a right good go. Sad to see Michael Murphy such a pale shadow of the player he should be, two missed easy frees, a wide, and dropped one short in 10 minutes. John Small no excuse for that.


A decent win but a poor 3rd quarter. I thought the ref was poor in that period as the game levelled out, probably not coincidental.

Good to see Paddy Small get a run, Bernard Brogan may well have the same type of role Bastic had last year. We might not see much of him but he is sure to have a great influence on these young lads coming through. MDMA is looking good this year but not sure he will be a starter later in the year. He can’t last 70 at that pace anymore by the looks of things.

The biggest concern I would have is the kick out, we are well set up for the opposition’s but the rule change really levels the playing field. It’s a shame the powers that be would prefer a game of kick and catch rather than one which rewards skill and imagination


It was his first game back. I wouldn’t write him off yet.


I don’t really agree re the rule change to be honest. Only a very small proportion of kickouts stayed behind the 20m line and up to 3 or 4 years ago, none of them did, as no one seemed to be aware it was even legal.

Cluxton has some great lockouts, right enough he had a few horrors, but I would assume overall we won more then we lost.


Ah, I don’t think it’s right though, everyone should be shown a bit of respect. Last minute changes happen, but not having jersey numbers right isn’t great.


He was completely flummoxed by Otis coming on, didn’t name a single player in the move that led to his point just after he came on.


How good is McBrearty? Some of his scores last night were outrageous. Especially in the second half into the wind.

Howard again looks the part. Looks really calm and assured on the ball. Definitely the heir to Paul Flynn’s throne.

Special mention to Davey Byrne. He had a tough night but I thought he did well. He had a fantastic block in the first half and that catch in the second half was almost miraculous.

Plenty to work on as that second half won’t be good enough going forward. Uncharacteristically casual in the second half.


Reddin was wearing Flynn’s number and the stadium announcer announced it as Flynn coming on. At least the commentator knew enough to know that it wasn’t Flynn.


Agreed re-Byrne, I had hoped he would get back in the team this year, for himself of course but to keep the other fullbacks on their toes. Not to mention youth and all that


MDMA had a poor game last night. Was too interested in pushing and shoving his man. Was silly stuff. Especially since he was so good in the first two games.

Eoghan O’Gara looks a few yards off the pace too


McBrearty was fabulous, but I’m not sure we should let any player do that, regardless of how good he is (which is easier say then do I know).

Mannion was interesting to watch. He is well worth his place but he is technically terrible. He can solo great, until he can’t, and just kicks it too high. He fist passes the ball by keeping everything straight and swiveling at the hips and he kicks every ball with full force, even if it’s required or not. He does great things and then attacks break down because he messes up a basic thing. Probably overalll the good outweighs the bad, but he would be seriously good if he could just work on the basics.


Poor? I thought he had his best game in a long time in the first half. He tired in the second half.


You’ve lost me, easily done I know!


Have watched all of Donegal’s games this year. McBrearty is the best forward in the country in division one at the moment. He was very good last year but he’s kicked it up a notch. Top class and looking forward to seeing what he can do in the summer!

On the subject, I like the way Donegal are trying to play. Refreshing to see a county turn away from total blanket defence.



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