2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


Missed two scorable frees too .


Just saw a replay if it there ,:see_no_evil::eyes::eyes:


Dublin Joe, Cavan Joe, call him what you want, but Macquillan is fucking still useless


Strange game, very high scoring and we seemed to be coasting at half time. Started to tire around the middle and Donegal got a run of scores of which some were superb. They looked like winning it until Murphy came on and ruined their momentum with a few very poor misses by his standard.

We caught a very important ball on the cusack side (can’t remember who fielded it), got a score and managed to get the win.

Couldn’t be happy with how easy Donegal opened us up after the break or at all in the backs thus far. In the league. Running half the pitch without a challenge is poor and too many goal chances too.

Scully played very well as did Fenton in stages. McAuley was excellent before he tired. Good to see Cian back.


It’s only week three , wouldnt be too worried but it was a surprise , Jim didn’t do much to sort it out .


Thought Philly struggled for large parts of the game and no surprise he got called ashore


Apologies, the stream crapped out at 75 mins. Missed Paddy’s point. It was Reddin I was talking about who scored point 19.Don’t know where Rynne came out of?


Was away for first games of the year, so first time seeing the lads live tonight in 2018. Thought Howard & Basquel (besides missed free) done well, will potentially push for places this year…Lowndes & Mannion also full of useful running…funny overheard comment after a mystifying decision: don’t worry Joe only looks after us during the championship…a touch of “sure let’s even it up” from several decisions in second half


Johnny Cooper had a great game.Lowndes kicked a beaut in first half.Scully and Basquel had decent games. Basquel takes too much out of ball at times.Howard had his hands full tracking Ryan McHugh.Our work rate was unreal in last 5-10 continously stripping Donegal players of possession.


Twice now I’ve seen him getting caught out waiting fir the ball to come to him .


You can’t be saying that kind of stuff here …


Howard is going to be a star. Fenton absolute silk again. Poor performance second half but 3 wins from 3 is great. What did Small get involved in?


Wouldnt want to try that again during the summer.


Let’s just say after all the palava about Shanahan …


Did he leave one on someone? Didn’t see it tbh. Anyone got a link?


From the looks of it he did . I’m sure it will be debated somewhere .


If I get a chance later I’ll throw it up , was just checking what time he got carded


On the line up - Jim really puts his two fingers up to the media with team selections. Even Croke Park didn’t know his final team with Andrews and Mannion starting .

It was also clear that Gavin’s right hand men are Jayo and Darcy ( who is in his ear piece ). Gavin uses those two heavily


@rochey - you got any good video of Paddy that the politically and religiously correct could bring to the CCCC? Not enough that we are scrutinised by 31 … let’s do it ourselves too …, seeing as no one else does … :roll_eyes:


Can’t upload vids from camera here on the site . Must be some restrictions . Hopefully the incident will pass by …