2018 NFL: Round 3 - Dublin v Donegal, Croke Park, Saturday Feb 10th, 7pm (Live EirSport 2)


Happy enough with that although we did go to sleep a bit towards the end. There is some wind now, pretty miserable on the Hill.


One of those involving a swift transfer by him before skidding over the sideline, picking himself up & getting on the end of the move. Great work. Pity he blotted his copybook without those couples of stray passes.


Eir studio analysts not impressed by Nathan Mullins being hauled off in double-quick time, as if he was the root of their woes.


Sneaky from Small there


How many has McBrearty got?


6 i think. All 2nd half


Too many. Feels like 5/6 anyways.

We’ve lost control this 2nd half. Too frenetic.


Ciaran Rynne took a nice score and fielded a beauty in his very brief cameo. Nice to see Paddy Small getting a run. Albeit over to the Cusack and back.


Reddin even! Two catches in injury time were great & important - Reddin & David Byrne ahead of McBrearty.

Our kick-outs looked all over the shop in that 2nd half though. McBrearty ended with 0-7.


Ahem, he scored a point daddyo!


Thought paddy small scored 2


No being told in the car here he scored 1 and assist the 2nd


Driving down the country this eve so had to listen to the match on radio. Jesus Flynn is a hateful little runt! His bias is so extreme it’s laughable that any broadcaster would allow him on air never mind the national broadcaster!

Appears we dug out decent win in the end though poor second half by sound of it.


Didreddon not kick last point ??


:joy:, what an enjoyable game . Don’t know what happened with that collapse after half time .
I think we’ve found a replacement for Flyner in Howard . Bags of potential .
Scully & MDMA had top games too .
Not one of Stephens better games but the weather didn’t help him either .


Yes The commentator said that Paddy Small got the last point, but I’m almost certain it was Reddin. The commentator also thought that it was Flynn coming on with Paddy. He must have something against Rush men! :sunglasses:


Reddin was wearing 21 which was listed as Flynn in the programme. Paddy Small did get the last point. Reddin the one before.


Very flat performance from us in the second half. We looked knackered for most of that period but for a second wind towards the end. It could have been a different story if Dongeal hasn’t missed a few handy scores when they were on top.


Very sloppy in the second half. We didn’t have the same level of intensity or structure when in possession as we did in the first half. Kilkenny was being constantly fouled off the ball and the officials didn’t seem to care. Very happy with the last 10 minuets of play however. We reasserted our dominance and saw the game out well.


Ironically bringing Murphy on killed their momentum and cost them their chance of winning the game.