2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)


I thought along with under 20s they brought in a rule that if your named on the senior panel and even if you don’t play you cannot play under 20s


I think we are all just a little concerned about the situation when Stephen retires , which is understandable . No other player in the team is as irreplaceable as him bar Fenton I’d say .


You could be right , I don’t know.




Correct :wink:


I have been very impressed with comerford, thought maybe last year he might have got a game in early rounds of Leinster championship, it obviously didn’t happen. Those in the know around the Dublin camp have been quoted as saying that Evan is better now than cluxton was at that age. He impressed at last years o Byrne cup, in the 21s and although not playing a senior inter county game he is definitely getting plenty of experience in the senior camp. Cluxton is exceptional and I don’t expect a like for like replacement, but if one day needs must, I think Evan will step up to the mark. Till then in Jim I trust.


That is the problem though is that there is the view that he is irreplaceable because nobody has ever had a chance to replace him. Supple and Savage have walked because they are rotting on the bench. Do we want Comerford and whomever is 3rd choice currently to walk also in 6/12/18 mths and Cluxtons standards drop a bit more then a bit more but because he is who he is he stays as long as he wants.
Surely every player needs to feel the fear of getting dropped to maintain standards. This applies to everyone in panel and not just the keepers but this is of a higher importance as is a key position.
Cluxton has been unreal for Dublin and in increasing the importance and respect for the position in general so Im in no way having a dig here but if he gets a black card / or injury etc in a big game and we have to throw in a replacement Id rather they have some level of comfort playing in HQ in front of a crowd


When was it , a couple of years ago when we tried out a keeper from Kickhams I think , for a few games . Was Stephen suspended ? Can’t remember all the details but it was a shaky day out for the lad .


when the time comes, the next keeper will be under huge pressure to replicate cluxton - easier to sort out the midfield half forward line for the kick outs prior to trying out comerford in my opinion.




That was it , he came on after Stephen was sent off against Mayo in the league . I remember the following game been a nightmare for the lad on kickouts . He was totally unprepared to come in at the time .


What would you do if your were Jim and Cluxton came and said" I have been doing this for 15 years and have been thinking of going, I am willing to stay on as long as you need me but only if I am playing" Not saying this is the case , but IMO it would be understandable from Cluxton, he has done all there is to do and the only real motivation to continue is to play, a goalkeeper is not like other positions where you can get a run in a game. In general you either play or you dont.


I reckon as long as Stephen thinks we are capable of winning Sam , he’ll stay . If he feels he doesn’t have the motivation he’ll step aside . Hunger , etc . Or unless he has kids & doesn’t have the time to devote to it .


I would Dublin was here before you and will be here after you. No player is bigger than the jersey. Slan agus GRMA
We have been blessed with keepers down through the years from Paddy Cullen to John o Leary to Clucko. The next keeper could be better again and we will never know if they are never given an opportunity


There’s light at the end of the tunnel for Comerford though, even if it’s in 5 years. Suppy and Savage didn’t have the same prospects really


If Cluxton looks after himself, which I’m sure he does, and is lucky with injuries, which he seems to be, he could play to his late 30’s if he wished.

I’m less worried about Cluxton packing it in than getting an injury. The understudy needs time. It’s an unique position as described above but you’ve also no choice if your first choice gets injured. Your left with a guy with zero big match experience in a key position. That’s un Gavin like in many ways.


I don’t believe Jim Gavin is the kind of manager a player goes to with an ultimatum. He has always stressed the squad mentality and each and every part of that squad performs a role. I presume if you don’t buy into that, you will quickly find your role is elsewhere and not in the Dublin squad.


Don’t think winning Sam would ever be Cluxtons main motivation. At a guess I’d say playing, doing the best job he can for the team nó matter what the chances of winning trophies, and at this stage, helping the younger lads.


Sorry , but you’ve lost me here .