2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)


You’d need a nappy after eating that!!


speak’n of nappies, will Donegal be shittin themselves or are they gonna give us a game, or worse again a 14 surprize


I see the bad news just keeps on coming in for Tyrone…


What you talkin about Willis??


I have always had a good ear for accents but his annoyed the shite out of me because I couldn’t pin it down. LEITRIM !! He was the main man on Shannonside radio for 20 years. First we had Brian Carty from Ros now this … Brutal.


It’s still nice to see the matches though!!!


True…remember playing against him. He wore tracksuit bottoms and was a good keeper if not too mobile…


Is it just me or has Cluxton been have a bit of a mare with the kick outs in the first 2 games ?


Just You !!


Haha… maybe it’s the early hours watching after a skinful of pints then


You were watching the rugby, thinking you were watching the Dubs.


I felt that he was under-hitting some of his kickouts in the first two games. It was much better against Donegal. Reckon it is just early season stuff.


Absolutely he has. I think he gets a free ride because of his past and people overlook poor decisions and kicks. When in the melting pot at 3 points up on Sat against Donegal he rushed 2 kicks in a row and gifted them possession and they brought it back to a 1 point game. If either of the other Dublin keepers did the same thing people would say they are not ready etc etc.


I don’t think people overlook it. It’s just he has very rarely let’s us down when needed in the big games.
Hard to have a constructive argument about his form if it dips in February. Obviously a new keeper would get more scrutinised. We don’t know how they would cope in big games , with Cluxton we do.


That is kinda my point for the good of the team we need to test these other keepers in the squad and see how they fare. Cluxton should play next in championship in my view and give the other lads a run out or we will not know


Fair point , but I think at this stage Gavin is going to play Cluxton in every game as long as he wants to play and his standards dont slip. Gavin doesn’t like losing either and Cluxton is crucial to his plans .
Outfield is little different , if a player is off form and another steps in and does well they have a chance of keeping the jersey. Cluxton is always going to start for Dublin. So i think the way Gavin looks at it , I’ll deal with starting another Goalie if Cluxton retires or gets injured. Until then he starts …


I’d say Gavin will be out the gap when Stephen retires . But seriously , I’m happy we are winning if Stephen is below par . The less dependent we are on him the better going forward . Because the next keeper has big shoes to fill .


Is Comerford under 20 this year?


Six members of this year’s U21 All-Ireland winning panel are also eligible for the U20s next year – _Evan Comerford (Ballymun Kickhams),_ Dan O’Brien (Kilmacud Crokes), Seán Bugler (St Oliver Plunkett’s/Eoghan Ruadh), Cormac Howley, Aaron Duffy (both Round Tower, Lusk) and Aaron Bradshaw (Ballinteer St John’s).


Maybe the fact that he will be playing under 20 is a factor in Gavin not playing him in a game or two, he may feel he will get enough game time with the under 20s and it is not as if he is not going to play all year, which would be the case if he wasn’t eligible for the under 20s, he is still very young so no need to force things, just a thought.