2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)


Jaysus @Wifi is he related to you??


I lived there for a couple of years in me early 20’s. Broke my heart to leave the place.


We used to do that, alot.

Did us ■■■■ all good in the long run. I always take it as a sign of mental fragility.


Shhh, it’s actually me!


That’s very close the Gaelteacht area where most of the kids go…Loch an Luir.

Really nice if you get the weather. IF being the word.

We were there last summer and it changes so quickly.


Great part of the country, my grandfather was from Annagry & my brother, uncle, father and myself make an annual pilgrimage up there during the summer.

My auld fella also played for Gweedore & Dungloe which would be a no no at times…


The last decent summer there was 1995.

I remember going for a walk on the beach one evening after work, sometime during the summer. Halfway up the side road, it OPENED out of the heavens for 10 minutes, and then stopped. By the time we got to the main road, it has almost dried up again, but we were dripping wet. So we went to Huidi’s and got spannered.

Good Times.



I think it’s a sign of weakness that you either allow yourself to get so worked up - or you really think it gives you an advantage.

Same as teams going on to a pitch pumped up and ready for war. I’m thinking of Pillar.

The thing with JG is that he’s very controlled and cool…and you see that in the play. No one panics. If you get caught up in stuff, there’s a chance you’ll be hauled aside.

It’s what the good teams do. They stick to the process and try not to get caught up in the emoition


Or a frigid mentality?


They right beside each other too.

I could reminisce about Donegal all day…but some really good memories there including the pre-teen disco that ended at 9pm sharp when it was still daylight outside!


Glencolumbkille and Ardara GAA grounds are among the best located/most scenic too. Beautiful locations.


Their team was in a final once and had three men sent off and lost.

They did a documentary on it … 12 Annagry men …


Just a shame than that Annagry never had a team :wink:


:open_mouth::joy: Well didn’t Shakin’ Stevens sing a song about what’s behind the Gweedore?


So would you have a soft spot for the Donegal football team?

(After Dublin of course)

Or would a Yes answer lead to you being chased out of Dublin with pitch forks??


No, not at all. I would have a soft spot for them.

As disappointing as losing the 1992 final was, I was delighted for my father who had played IC for the county at all levels up to senior and was very unfortunate to miss out on an Ulster winner’s medal in 1972 because of injury.


Cool story…and some footballing pedigree.

And back then an Ulster Winners medal was a big deal.

I always remember the ‘Sam’s for the Hills’ remark after they won.

Good days for football up here.


Yeah, my mother’s side isn’t too shabby either.

One cousin was Cork minor keeper when they won Munster in 1992 and his nephew won an U17 All Ireland medal with the same county last year.


Not too shabby is right.

Wish I hadn’t started this…I feel neglected at the dearth of talent on both sides (myself not included of course!)


I think theres a bit of molly Malone in yerself, the way ye were goin on about that coddle an all