2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)


Paul Galvin is rumoured to be putting shoulder pads into the Kerry jerseys.


With stone-washed shorts.


that’s limahl from kagagoogoo, a big hit in the 80’s


no the 2nd name is enough


No… It’s John Farnham - “You’re the Voice”


Listen from 1:50 when Kevin Cassidy got the winner against Kildare.

Completely unbiased commentary.

edit: Mark Sidebottom is from glenariff and says ‘we done it Peter’.


One of my favourite moments in gah the last 10 years. Every time I read or heard about how unlucky that Kildare team were, the disallowed goal, the square ball goals, Brogans Ah No moment, whatever, I watch the replay of that game, where they go 3 points ahead in extra time, against a team that everyone said were beaten once they had to push up to chase a lead, and still lose, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.


The irony is that it was Kevin Cassidy who saved the day…and then he misses out on AI following the fall-out.


At least it was the following year. Some kick that was


A belter.

That was after the tyrone v Roscommon game. We stayed for the first-half then drove home…and missed all the action.


And the view from the Ulster Herald.

Nice how they referred to the dub fans as ‘City slickers’


’ business at the front party at the back ’



Not sure who that is…

As for the jerseys…I remember the old ‘gi’ logo on my school tops.


One of McGuinness not so finer moments. Savage kick from Cassidy


KC broke his silence a year or so ago, writing in Gaelic Life.

Can’t remember the exact details other than they sounded fairly trivial to escalate so much. And it probably made it harder for him to question the decision, as they went on to win an AI.

I’ve been to his club in Gweedore…a lovely spot.


In the run up to JamesMc’s equalizing point, the Tyrone number 22 roared in the face of KevMc after dispossessing him. I really fcuking hate that shite & more so if our own lads do it, don’t mind the constant chatter but this in your face muck pisses me off.


Have to agree with you there.

Morgan did the same to a Down player in last year’s ulster final, and it looked sh*t.

And if nothing else, I can’t see how a player can remain focused on their own game when they’re wound up or tryin to wind up someone else.


Yeah - saw that again at the weekend after he blasted just wide - couldn’t make out what that was about. Drives me nuts too.


Yeah, it was Aaron Kernan, he is a bit clichéd all right, but I thought the other guy was ok. The Eir commentators for the hurling though are class out, Tommy Walsh, Anto Daly and some other guy. Worth listening to without even looking at the game sometimes…


It was completely pointless. Guy missed. Result never in doubt.

Afterwards, AB write that if Morgan wanted to be like Cluxton…then instead of wasting seconds, he should’ve been focused on getting the ball out quickly to a free red and white shirt.