2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)





Of course…Captain Morgan.

Well, on that embarrassing bombshell I’m away for a sulk.


And before any dubs get thinking their country cousins are thick as f**k…I’d have figured that one out sooner or later.


Probably later.


Stumped you say?

Good save ! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Much much later :joy::joy:



Very witty all.

Being refined, I won’t rise to the bait.

You b******s.


He’d nearly have been better in goals last Saturday!


There was a guy playing in goal for a Dublin Junior hurling club (New Ireland’s or Young Ireland’s?) about 20-25 years ago… he had a wooden leg.


Jesus @beeko just got flashback, he played for Young Irelands based in Phoenix Park, and he was well able to move…


Fair play.

Some people really get on with life regardless of their disability.

I’d be involved in athletics and the amount of ‘disabled’ people taking part is something else.


I just watched the match on you tube. Where in the name of god do they get the commentators?
Sweet Jesus it was torture personified.


Think Aaron Kernan was one of the commentators. Dunno about the other one. They were both dire.


Some guy called John Lynch … he was absolutely shocking!


If it’s the same John Lynch…so was his hair.


WTF is with you Tyrone lads and hair?


I enjoy Aaron on TSG giving his analysis. Smart fella.

Different skill trying to commentating over an entire game.

You should try listening to Mark Sidebottom.


Oi! That’s a ladies man.

You put that hair into a Toyota MR2…and cruise around Omagh…you’re laughing.


If he started belting out The Lion Sleeps Tonight you wouldn’t be too surprised …

Commentator of same name was not an Ulster man.



Not sure who it would be then. John Lynch played in the 86 final…I blame Bono for those mullets.

Fashion has a habit of repeating itself…but hopefully that’s not true of the 80’s.