2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)


Thought it was a fair enough comment (the article) as for MH, it’s obviously not his finest hour. I can still see Tyrone winning their next 3 games and possibly finishing 4th. Mickey I believe will change for the championship granted he should have started sooner.


Cluxton was seen as similar in his early years with the county. And of course, he wasn’t even the goaly for his club. And he’s never been the world’s greatest shot-stopper either. It’s good that MH has stuck with him, and that he hasn’t given up. He’s not helped either by the way Tyrone are coming under alot of pressure defensively against the better teams. I think he might settle into being a great keeper yet.


2016 All-I semi-final is not long ago. That will be looked back on as probably the greatest second half performance of this team, considering they conceded 2-5 in 10 minutes before half-time, including a howler that started with Cluxton’s bad kickout, and a goal from nothing that was a fook-up between (?) Byrne and Cluxton.


I was thinking of a few from the noughties which actually did cost us games .


Have a look at reports of the Dublin-Armagh qualifier game in 2003… I’ll never forget the Kerry fans mocking Clux after the 2007 semi-final, because of the last kickout after we had the great come-back in the second half. He was an exceptionally strong character to come back from these things, sometimes even in the same game (though Kerry’s approach in the 2016 semi second half changed from the first half), in latter years very much helped by his team-mates’ brilliance.


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As in my previous post though, with the more recent ones (which are rare enough in fairness) he is playing with a team that copes much better with things than in the 00s.


Interestingly, Cluxton didn’t have to take many kicks overall, compared to say Rock. In some games only one or two. It was the importance of two or three of them that sealed his legend as a kicker.


I think he simply has to be able to have more variety in the style of play. But I agree it’s very difficult at that level unless you have a certain collection of players to fit all the roles etc. He/Tyrone doesn’t appear to have the scorers, from distance, in tight spaces, difficult angles. Dublin 95 got away with it (to some extent) because of the way the game was played back then, and our half-back line, and Jayo’s goals.


It’s hard when you have been around and young in a period of glory years. BUt relatively speaking Tyrone are still in a very good period, usually doing very well in the league, winning Ulsters, making it to All-I semis etc. Very much like Dublin in the 00s. In fact Tyrone have done better in the league than we did in the 00s.


On Cluxton (and Morgan), I think both take responsibility for the kick out. Some keepers can never have a bad kick out because it is just safely lumped out to the middle each time. It might come back in again quickly, but that isn’t seen as the keepers issue (unless it was Cluxton).

What is important is the overall percentage we gain advantage from them, and I suspect Cluxton’s numbers are well ahead of everyone else, especially if you could put a weighting on what sort of advantage (Kilkenny free in his own half is better then a short one that travels 15m). With responsibility though comes accountability and Cluxton will be held accountable at time.

But both Cluxton and Morgan have the two important facets required, accuracy and time to destination. It’s not a target kicking contest. It is happening in a live situation. Most keepers can land the kick where they meant to, but very few can get it there as fast Cluxton or Morgan. If either is kicking to a free man, he is usually still free when the ball arrives.

It is going to go wrong on Cluxton sometimes, he can’t get it right every time. Also, I have noticed, if in doubt he will kick it to someone who will call for it - even if that guy is surrounded. But that is as much the guys fault who called as anyone’s. One of the most important things of last weekends game might have happened just at the end of it, he kicked a difficult enough one out to Shane Carthy, who gathered it against the odds. That might not be the last time we see that this year.


You used “Cluxton and Morgan” too often in that post for my liking. Cluxton is miles ahead in every facet of his game, his approach and his achievements


Do you think the Tyrone keeper will ever get to skipper his side? If so would it be a rum show …


Next year it’s sure to be Mattie Donnelly who raises Sam.

But maybe Morgan for the year after that.


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Whatever about the unlikelihood of Mattie D raising Sam most other things go over @upthedall 's head …



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