2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)


Yeah - I’ve watched it back about 28 times and I’d blame Hampsey.


Mods…in light of constant wise cracks and delight at Saturday night…can we change the name to Deserves a dig to his McFootface?


Remember that , his confidence was shot that day .
He shouldn’t have left his goal at all for O’Gara goal.
Crazy stuff .


After scoring the first 45…he cupped his hands behind his ears to the Donegal fans who’d been baying him.

After that he struggled under the pressure.

Ironically Cluxton is to blame!

Mickey O’Neill is considered a better shot-stopper…but because Cluxton has elevated the role of GK to more than a shot-stopper, Morgan is picked because he’s a more accurate kicker (sometimes anyway).


Me too, I would blame Morgan for messing around, but the ball from Hampsey was terrible, just passed it to Basquel


Ah look , he’s a decent keeper , everyone’s prone to a mistake . He’ll know the next time !


Thomás Ó Sé in indo this evening, ruling Tyrone out as all Ireland contenders, link posted in indo thread.


The hype around Morgan early on was just ridiculous. He kicked a few 45s and made a few stops and all of a sudden he was as good as Cluxton. He may have bought into it a little but either way the expectation was unfair and has clearly affected him.

ps Cluxton made a great save with his arse … it could get him an All Star nomination …


I agree. I just think that once he makes a mistake his confidence drops.

The strange thing is that Morgan has spoke about how he’d like to be like Cluxton.

Because there are no other free takers, the pressure falls on him. Crazy that MH can’t find someone in the county to hit a 45.


But I think the hype actually made him relax, I think he felt he was up there with Cluxton, before he was anywhere near it, he started getting cocky , making gestures etc and then did not seem prepared for the fall when he started missing a few frees. He would have been far better concentrating on his own game rather than trying to be the next Cluxton, there just is not going to be one.
It might seem like I am having a go at him, but I am not, just honestly believe he got caught up in the hype and was not ready for it when things went wrong.


Just read that.

He definitely got the last sentence right. Kerry, Mayo and Dulbin have unlocked Tyrone too many times.

“But if Tyrone are realistic about winning an All-Ireland they have to change their style of play and you can’t have one style in Ulster and another for the All-Ireland series. They scored 1-8 from play the last day and we saw that the scores from play that they got came from long balls. They have the players to do it and the skill-set to do it and I think they could be way more dangerous as an attacking threat. I think it is too easy to play against them.”


Do ye have a sports psychologist as part of the back room team . I’m sure it’s something they could work on because it’s not a once off occurance . Surprised Peter Harte isn’t taking the frees , are the frees from distance out of his range ?


Fans were mad for him to be the next Cluxton.

Morgan came to our club a few years back for an underage prize giving. Very down to earth fella.

But he was so nervous in front of a group of kids. Even more strange as he’s a primary school teacher.


Not sure about the psychologist if I’m honest…but good question.

PH takes frees, but not at that distance. It’s an area they could be clocking up scores, such as Dean Rock does for Dublin.


Unfortunately like another manager of the foreign sport (arsenal manager) for those that don’t have an interest a few ulster titles/far cups and they think it’s enough


I think he is capable of being a good free taker, but there was a stage that after Cluxton’s success, it just seemed to be the norm for keepers to come up and take frees, a lot of them were pretty poor at it but I think Morgan was one of the few that looked like he had potential. The problem was as soon as a goalkeeper missed a free, you could hear the murmurs " Ah yer man thinks he is Cluxton" and I feel this kind of heaped more pressure on goalkeepers, not only were they taking what were very difficult kicks, but if they missed they were getting jibed for being Cluxton wannabes.
Cluxton has a lot to answer for :slight_smile:


Personally I think it’s the former…


Whatever the case…he’s under much more scrutiny where it matters…up here.

The games against Kerry, Mayo and Donegal will be dissected.


Well that’s definitely true of Morgan.

Plus Cluxton comes across as very focussed, whereas, NM allows himself to get caught up in a game.


Oh don’t worry , he’s had his moments of madness in the past . Thankfully well behind him at this stage .
Focused like a laser beam since.