2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)


Someone needs to sit Harte down and tell him he is tarnishing his own legacy. It’s ten years now since the last AI. He won’t win another and he’s only regressing Tyrone football. He must be seen as God up there or something.


If it works, could you pass on his name to Ivan Gazidas at Arsenal? Thanks!


I think you’re right.

S O’N is bound to improve a forward’s game - even marginally.

Dublin have shown the benefit of having ex-players in the background.

There are a few very talented minors up here, it’s whether they can carry that through to senior.


It’s hard to know whether MH is regressing a talented bunch of players…or whether he’s making the most of a limited group.

Put it another way,I’m not sure Jim Gavin could squeeze more medals from them.

And MH is far from universally backed. Something like 45% of delegates didn’t vote for him.

Fans are no different. Some left Healy Park saying he should go.

Whatever the reason, I think for his own sake he should’ve left after his daughter’s death, and got a backroom job.


@upthedall you may have a name change…


By f**k I’ll never slag off your Coddle again!!


In fairness the Dub fans all said he should stay ., :smirk:


It’s been a bad weekend.

Liverpool were robbed yesterday and Saturday night was miserable.

I’d genuinely doubt if I could go to another game v Dublin. Makes you wonder about the Super 8s.

I’m not in good form.


For the record, I wasn’t the one who changed your name :wink:


Just watched the highlights back . That was some howler from Morgan for EOGs goal . Some nice points from Brennan , sold Fitzy a lovely dummy .
keV scoring off his left is poetry in motion .
I see that Muppet Moyles on the rte panel . They’re really dredging the depths these days …


I know…'twas the Coddle Pimpernel…BohemianDub.


He made the same mistake twice in a row.

It was partly to do with Dublin pressure.

He went long in the first half, were Dublin won a lot of the kick-outs in MF.

So in the second, Morgan switched to playing short…and left Hampsey in no man’s land for the 2 blunders.


Awful really , he certainly has his moments . He’s not great when the pressure is on him.


Kildare v Tyrone betting 6/4 & 4/6


Surely Hampsey was more at fault than Morgan for O’Gara’s goal??? He gave a diabolical pass under no real pressure.


Yeah, it’s not the first time either.

He lost his cool in front of Donegal fans a few years ago…and missed a pile of frees.

Seems a confidence player.

I’d say he heard the groans from the stand anytime he made a mistake.


Didn’t think he were a mod. Aye-up!


You could be right.

I saw it in real time and looked like Morgan hit a ball he wasn’t expecting and tried to give it back, when Basquel (I think) made the interception.

I know people who watched it in the bar, but I wouldn’t even watch it back - the second half was so poor.


@dcr22B Can you change my name to Footy McFootface please?


Jesus…I could be landing innocent folk in bother here!

Ah well…he slagged off Omagh, so serves him right.