2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)


Donegal are poor. We should take them handy enough.


Well Sean O’Shea & Clifford are two products of those minor teams . I’m sure theres more if I had time to scan the team sheets over their last 4 wins .
And alot of the kids didn’t look out of place either .last night They also introduced Jack Barry & Jack Savage last year .
They might just pull up guys now from the minors who they feel are ready for the seniors & bypass the u20s altogether.


Can’t see the Donegal management picking away to dubs in Croke park as a must win, more likely to experiment that day with an eye to winning all the rest.


Mayo will have their work cut out in Galway now. They’ll be full of confidence and a win for them would guarantee survival before playing us, Kerry or Tyrone


Don’t think Galway have lost to mayo in last five meetings would be backing Galway to win this one at home too.


I don’t think O Shea or Clifford are senior standard yet. If I was to pick one to make it this year, it would be Savage. But the dryer pitches will help them come summer.

They are all good, but my point really is, if they were the world beaters they are supposed to be, they would have won last years U21 pulling up. But we won it.

I wouldn’t swap any of their new guys for Howard, Basquel (or Paddy Small who we have yet to see). Actually I wouldn’t swap any young player in the country for Howard, two games now and I think he is yet to lose a ball.

On young players, it was great to see Shane Carthy back. I know he was only on for a very short time, but he caught one great ball under pressure.


Of course , O’Shea & Clifford will need the league to get them up to speed . They may not be at it now but if both get 7 + games out if the league it will be great preparation for the championship.
Minor success doesn’t always translate to success at u21 ( u20 ) also . We have reaped the rewards of our u21 teams unlike any county I think .
I just think EF is going about this the right way because there’s alot of dead wood knocking around that team . Just throw the young lads in & let them sink or swim . Ensure division 1 status & then everything after that is bonus territory.

Howard is gonna be a great addition for us . As well as Basquel . I hear Howard could be played in midfield . If Jim was to deploy him there imagine the partnership him & Fenton would make .


I would’ve agreed with that before the league but, seeing how he’s settled in at 10, he might be a consideration there come championship, especially if the thinking is to station CK closer to goal. Once upon a time, my concern was how to replace the 10 & 12 axis of Flynner & DC. It still is a concern of course (how do we live without such giants in blue), but then again, the game has shifted from that where Cluxton sought them out regularly.

Early days. Lots of time before the summer still.


I’m wondering about this Super 8 business. It looks like it’s gonna be a super 2 for the next few year’s. If Kerry get some decent backs, they’ll be a serious proposition.


That’s their main problem. Easier said than done in the Kingdom since the O’Se’s retired and Aidan O’Mahony took up ballroom dancing!



I think he will be more then a consideration, I am fairly sure he will start. He might not keep his place all the way through - but he well might. It isn’t just that he doesn’t lose the ball, he also gets past his man and moves the ball past the ‘gain’ line (I hate that expression, but it’s necessary sometimes). He can win his own ball too. Now so far we have only met teams that retreat, which make it relatively easy for the half forwards to play in front of them (and much tougher on the full forward line), and it might be different when we play a team that plays higher up the field. But I think he can handle it.

I wouldn’t rule out Shane Carthy or Paddy Small making a late burst for a starting place either.


Just thinking back to that Harte interview posted earlier in the thread where he says that Dublin’s championship win was down to the early goal, I guess he found out on Saturday that there is more to winning then scoring early goals…


Harte is like Mourinho, does nt like players using their imitative. He was scathing about the 2013 Dublin Kerry semi , did nt think it was a proper game at all. A great coach for sure but it was a silly thing for him to say about con s goal.


A blind man could see that Dublin were the superior team in the semi.

Immediately afterwards, Sean C said they were the greatest team he’d saw and that sometimes in life you had to bow to a greater force.

Different Tyrone players have said something similar.

Lots of fans I know are giving off about MH.

But whoever the manager is, I don’t buy that Tyrone have an AI team if they were just allowed to be more offensive.

They’ve some good players - 1 or 2 good enough for Dublin - but have no free taker and a weak forward line that rack up double digit wides every single game.


All Ireland finalist material so. :wink:


But who did they play to get there…only Ulster teams.

Tyrone’s win over Donegal was put into perspective when Galway destroyed then soon after.

As Alan said…there’s a top 3…with Tyorne possibly the best of a bad bunch.

If anything, I’d say Donegal are favourites to win Ulster.

Ba humbug.


Just got that…

Apparently Stephen O’Neill is coaching the forwards since he’s joined the management team.

While it might help, that talent is innate…can’t be coached.


I agree with you that talent can’t be coached into a player, but at the same time you would have to imagine that having someone like Stephen O Neill involved can only improve the players that are there. Things that sound as simple as proper shot selection or getting the ball to the man in the best (shooting) position every time can be improved with decent coaching. Even with forwards as good as Dublin have the improvement was obvious when Jayo became involved.
I’m not suggesting SO’N will turn you into all Ireland winners, but in games that are being lost by a point or two an improvement of even a few percent can turn those results around.


I heard he only has one player to work with …