2018 NFL: Round 2 - Tyrone v Dublin, Saturday February 3rd, Healy Park, 7pm (Deferred Eir Sport 2)


I think it is wise not to bring in too many, if you do you end up with a very inexperienced side and might not get a real idea how some lads would go if they were surrounded by experienced lads.


Just watched the game … thought we were quite poor to be honest … so much pocsssion raken into players n lost … kick out still a big concern

I know if me auntie had balls she’d be me Uncle but the amount of easy shots Tyrone were able to get off … of even half of them had been converted …


Agreed. I’m really looking forward to the Kerry game. I wonder will Fitzmaurice stick with the youth against us? Hopefully he does so we get tea taste of what to expect from them


Don’t think he has much choice. That Kerry team is being built to put Dublin back in their “rightful” place sooner or later. They may as well see what they’re up against.


I noticed them playing very like Dublin last night in terms of holding possession and getting it to the right player in the right position before getting the shots off.


Yep. They’re up at the end of March.

Ironically Tyrone had a chance of relegation Kerry in HP a few years and couldn’t.


You would drive the Dublin team bus through the Kerry defence. They have their own issues. I’d agree that our backs have been loose. Quick ball in last night in the first half should have taken us to the cleaners as should Kildare in the 1st half last week.

It would be better in the long run if a lesson or two could be learned the hard way in the league. Otherwise problems can just get pushed down the road.


Alot of the minors come in without the baggage of losing to Dublin over the last 7 years . That can be a positive too . Things are tipping over nicely , only negative was Clifford’s injury last night .And from what I’ve seen of him over the last two games it’s fair to say he won’t be bullying his markers . Real look of Donkey about him , but only better .


What struck me about Dublin in the semi and last night…is their possession.

Think it was Nolan I read, who said they used to train in basketball drills.

And you can see that in the way you off load, players running into space, always probing for the right moment.

I watched them in the warm up last night. It’s a lesson in keep ball.


It’s the repetitive nature of their play that makes it so effective. Even when we’re beating teams out the gate in the early rounds of Leinster there does still be large periods of keep ball type of play. Can be infuriating at the time sometimes but when you watch the AI final from last year after Rocks free you can see why they do it so often. Practice makes perfect


It’s also very effective at keeping the opponent fans quiet.

And it’s bound to tire out the opposition playing piggy in the middle.


Agreed. Must be very demolorising for players and fans alike to be chasing shadows. It’s a good tactic if a team is getting a bit of momentum on you.


Believe me…it is!

And it inevitably draws frees, as it did last night.


There was two kildare lads sitting beside me at the game last week. They were bemoaning the fact that Dublin were trying to play for frees. I think we only got 4 or 5 in scoring range throughout the game. Then again Mr Lane was officiating so that number probably should have been double


Talking of opponent fans…most of the Dublin fans congregated behind the Gortin end goal.

But there was also dub fans beside us in the stand.

They must’ve been from the posh part of Dublin. Polite clapping and no bad language.


Couldn’t be from Dublin


Let them blood them away, if they can’t step up to u21, they aren’t going to do much at senior. One Munster U21 in years is all they have to show for their minor success.


Donegal are going to have to go for it next week against us. 3 defeats in a row leaves them in big trouble. People always say it’s only the league but for a county like Donegal trying to rebuild and rebrand after the messiah ran their greatest group of players ever into the ground, playing in division 2 would be a serious set back


I thought that myself…must’ve had some country blood in them to dilute the badness.


Probably weren’t even asking why Jayo and Whelo weren’t playing?