2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


“It was quite cynical in terms of what happened. The impact was to his head when he was on the ground - maybe that’s what the best teams do better than what we do. It’s something we have to look at.”

Where do they get these people??


He should actually be called before some committee or another to explain these comments.

@alanoc - is there a ‘Dealing With Gobshite Things People Say’ Committee or such like inside there in Croke Park?


It would be in a permanent meeting if there was :wink:


Ewan liked another tweet calling Cooper a dirty rat. TBH people getting into just slagging matches with him bailed him out on this one. I think he was a lucky boy with liking the stab tweet. Very volatile, he’ll eventually get himself in trouble, had a spat with someone a couple of months back where really his language was highly inappropriate . Can’t remember topic, rights or wrongs.

I agree with his rants on David Walsh in fairness and some of his other stuff. He just really dislikes the Dubs. And he’s terribly insecure (talks about his outstanding Leaving Cert regularly.) Not sure if he’s terribly happy.


No he is one miserable human being. He can’t be happy on anything, if Dublin was excluded for 20 years from all GAA competitions, he would rejoice for a couple minutes and then focus his misery on something else


Couldn’t giving a flying fcuk whether he’s happy or not. He’s an odious toerag of an individual.


he who shall not be mentioned.:joy:


A leaving cert bore, is there a worse person to sit beside at a dinner party in D4??