2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


I had considered that however Cluxton didn’t appear to do much different, and in fact seemed to revert to his early season tried and trusted of hooking it out to the right sideline.


Sums him up.

People really should not bother at this stage.


i know you all live in the modern world with proper broadband, streaming, “boxes” and the like, but for those of us who are unable to use them fancy things then you should know that freesports show (next day) the saturday night league matches. Tyrone/Dublin is on 11.am sunday. You have to fiddle with the add channels/other channels to get it on your sky box.

11.426 V 27.5 FEC 5/6 gets it.

Better than nothing.


True but perhaps the fact Kildare were sitting deep meant the original plan went out the window, not much use pumping ball into an area where we would have been outnumbered.



Possibly, and I take your point, I think we need to start getting games into Comerford though as everybody needs to start getting used to him


I think it’s always great to see the old lads showing the enthusiasm and hunger for a first league game, sets an example(though Cluxton was shocking in several ways for that first Kildare goal). For the next game I’d like to see Comerford but Omagh with Tyrone a lot of pride to play for could be intimidating this time.



That’s a bit nasty and obviously incorrect. A), it was obviously accidental, B)It wasn’t that bad and C)Feely wasn’t going well and was being cleaned out of it.


‘The impact was to his head when he was on the ground - maybe that’s what the best teams do better than what we do. It’s something we have to look at.’

Nah Cian … have a look at all the wides ye kicked and the goal chances ye butchered … and ye had plenty of impacts to heads too. Have look at the actual game - that’s what Dublin do better than ye. Another spoofer looking for excuses for his shortcomings …


Jim won’t be taking any chances up there . Wonder will Flynn & Connolly be making an appearance ?


Whats the crack with them just restin them ?


Don’t know , were they even apart of the squad at the weekend ?


I think someone on here said Dermo was in the stand watchin


Its something we have to look at. That sounds a lot like he is going to send his players out to hurt someone to me. Making himself look rather foolish there. MDMA got the better of Feely all throughout the game imo


He tweeted that he was in a line with the Hawkeye point that wasn’t.




No major rush with cian connolly flynn. Game 3 or 4 is fine for them


Think most would like to see Connolly get more game time in the league. Played very little for Dublin last year.


Just watching the game again on Eir. Why do GAA refs just give up enforcing the rules when a team is winning well?! It’s terrible and embarrassing to watch


That infuriates the life out of me. Happens all the time. We’re lucky we see it more than any other county :blush: