2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


He was strength & conditioning coach with Kerry, Mayo and Tipperary hurlers.




Is their forum down>?


It may have been an accidental clash or it may have been deliberate, it’s hard to tell. My reaction at the time was that it may have been retaliation for hit Feely put on MDMA about a minute earlier, sincerely doubt it was pre-planned either way.

Personally I don’t mind this kind of carping from opposition managers, it shows that they aren’t focusing on the real issues of why they are losing. And as long as they don’t recognise the real reasons they won’t be going around fixing them.


That’s a fairly comprehensive report and quite objective too.


See who liked this tweet, this the person we are dealing with lads.


People get sacked for less. That’s a disgraceful tweet to begin with and disgusting by EMcK to like it. Vile


That is simply disgusting from McKenna. He should be called out on it. I hope DCR / res dubs account tweets the fucker.


He’ll still get plenty of air time on the matt spoofer and off the bull radio shows throughout the season with no challenge to his overt bias


That should be publicised and his employers should be informed. On a separate note, the big mistake Kildare made was wasting 5 years and lots of money on McGeeney. No amount of weights will get the ball over the bar.


I want to see him get some game time in this league. However I think a big part of Saturday night was about seeing how well Howard could fill the wing forward role, which with its emphasis on being an option on kickouts can only be fairly assessed with Cluxton delivering them. In that sense, I was delighted with him.

Thought Basquel looked understandably nervous and completely switched off on one ball he should have won easily in the first half. He took his scores confidently though and definitely deserves a prolonged run.


He doesn’t have employers.


Apparently though having money puts the ball over the bar :upside_down_face:

That tweet like by McKenna is utterly disgraceful.


Technically no but papers choose to publish his articles.


I don’t generally use twitter. I don’t have an account but I did click on that link. He accuses the user named Mark O’Dea of being paranoid. I reckon his (McKenna) own paranoia is the very reason he lives in Brazil.
Don’t feed the troll, lads. Ignore him and his paid, media outlets.


For Basquel though, I think it is a lot harder to come into a full forward line then anywhere else. It is the one position where you have to fight for every ball and there is very little space. Mannion is probably as near the physique you need to play in the full forward line now, tall, strong and fast (although, much as I think the guy is great, I wish he would learn how to fist pass the ball, attacks break down because he has the weirdest method of doing this I have ever seen). But Basquel has it I think, maybe not this year, but I think he will become a regular.


I didn’t hear the comment from Horan bout cooper but he could not have give us more praise than he did after the game

Unfortunately Johnny has come into question ( even among ourselves over the year , particularly for play acting ) … whether we agree he is / is not he is giving journos the opportunity…

Disgraceful tweet by ewan … really disgraceful!!!


If Mannion is still living at home I’d say his Mammy is spending some amount of money on the ould groceries.


His thought process goes like this.

dublin success = financial doping
dublin failure = can’t even succeed with financial doping

There’s no point engaging with him.


Unfortunately people still do here and link his tweets and articles all the time- I wouldn’t waste your time lads