2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


It seems like if the red line hits the post it is given as wide. I real life a ball can make contact with the post and go over the bar but this does not seem to be factored into Hawk eye


It would interesting to see what algorithm they use . Because it’s certainly not 100 % accurate . If they had something along the lines of the goal line technology there would be no debate . The problem there is that it is so high up so not feasible.
A far out idea is putting sensors on top of the posts .
But it’ll probably never happen .


This is spot on IMO


The game that Dublin Joe reffed for our in-house was around 2009 I think if I recall correctly. Kerry went after it looking for excuses after 2011. They conveniently ignored that The Joester had given Tyrone 36 frees to 12 against us in the 2011 Qtr Final (and that being a game where we dominated completely and wanted to keep the game open and flowing as much as possible).

Subsequently some Kerry people claimed Our Joe had given us the “Ahh noo” free that beat Kildare in 2011, that’s how desperate they became. Subsequently further on, Joey Mc was got at by various elements in the run-up to the 2012 All-I semi-final, including Horan, then Mayo manager. Horan had brought a new level of cynicism (for the GAA) back from his time in professional sports abroad, and was building a Mayo team designed to do anything necessary to win (perhaps also he had observed the attitudes of some Tyrone and some Kerry players, such as Kennelly and AOM, from the later 2000s era, and adopted these tactics too).

In that game Mayo used every cynical trick in the book to hold onto their lead, such that by the latter stages I counted a total of about 15 minutes lost to ‘injuries’ and other delays during the second half. Joeseppi gave I think 9 minutes injury time.

Subsequently in the 2013 final, after another volley of Horan & others’ gamesmanship in the run-up, our pal Mr J gave Mayo double the frees that he gave to Dublin on the day. If ever there was some concerted effort to help The People’s Champions get over the line to their rightful place as All-I champs after so much heartache during that period, it was McJoe getting those games with the amount of propoganda going on around it. I’ll also not easily forget the avalanche of media ‘pre-coronation’ stuff about Mayo being champions elect in the 2013 final. It was ‘their turn’, and it’s easy to forget Dublin were very much downgraded since 2011 due to various factors, the manner of victory in 2011, the form in 2012, Gilroy stepping down, Gavin’s inexperience at the level, the new players and new style of play etc.

Wind on to the 2015 semi-final, once again Mayo were ‘owed’ something after the tragic defeat to Kerry the previous year, and sure enough our best bud gives them soft frees, an outrageous penalty, and two poor black cards to us in the latter part of a game we had dominated and had sewn up. He also gave a red to Connolly, and came up with nul evidence from the enquiry into St Cillian’s sacred elbow of the covenant that mystically resulted in COS going off with a serious head wound.

If Dublin had been any other top county we would have been hearing national investigations into why our favourite ref was still being given Mayo-Dublin championship games.


Yep, it’s not factored in, I assume because it is just too difficult to work out stuff like the spin on the ball etc.


Hawkeye seems to be setup exactly same way as tennis and if it hits the line/post it’s out/wide.

If they really want this system, maybe the goal line technology used in the Premier league be better suited


It is something that is going to happen time and time again, basically because it is only used in close calls and a fair % of them will be shaving the post, once the ref asks for ir, can he over rule it?


Don’t see how it can be unless the calibration is that good your putting it down to probability which still would be unsatisfactory. The only way to alleviate it reasonably would be to higher the post. But in hindsight i don’t recall the point your raised been talked about when it was introduced.


Good question!


Yes if the ball goes over the post it counts as wide. This is the case regardless of Hawkeye. Any change to this rule would in my opinion be a very bad idea, as you would be introducing an element of interpretation into deciding if something should be a point. Could you imagine the arguments if a high profile game was decided on a referee’s call that the ball would likely have gone over after hitting the post rather than coming back out.

As for the call on the night, I was fairly inline with shot (on the Hill) and my immediate reaction was that it was over the post. Others here obviously felt differently. But when it comes to it I’m going to trust the decision of the four calibrated high speed cameras which are designed and tested to decide these things over any of our highly fallible human eyes and positioning. It’s possible that it was wrong (set to the Hurling setting, etc.), but I think it’s highly more likely that it was right.


Yes he can as the rule book states that the refs decision is final.

But you will never see the ref overturning the Hawkeye decision…


‘Maybe that’s what the best teams do better than what we do’ - Kildare boss accuses Dublin of ‘cynical’ play


Cian ONeill quoted this morning as claiming Dublin deliberately took out Feely. Claims that the bang in the head he got was deliberate & cynical. Claims the game changed once Feely got hurt albeit admits Feely went off with a ‘tight calf’.Good grief!

Total nonsense by ONeill. The knock Feely took was completely accidental. And no Jonny was not involved! Surprised INeill would come out with this stuff.


Another frustrated Kerry football man showing his true colours. Thought he might get onto something good by stepping up with Kildare, finding out it’s not likely, not knowing if he can get out with reputation intact, knows he set out a stall to get them better at the dark arts, knows it will backfire against better teams, trying for any sort of excuses to limit damage. Knows he will be compared unfavourably with not just Micko but Geezer too if he can’t start getting results. Knows his team could sink like a stone if they don’t start finding leaders.


O’Neill is from Kildare.




Jaysus is there a manager out there who will hold his hand up and say we were beaten by the better team?! His utterances are frankly pathetic. He might teach his own team how to tackle. I never saw so many head high/ around the neck challenges as Saturday night. He won’t finish many games with 15 if they continue with that dirt.


Ah, confused him with someone else, had always heard of him as the Kerry coach for a while and thought he was from there.


The influence of people like Mourihno and the Premier League soccer media on sports coaching is dreadful.


Was trying to remember what incident he might be talking about - I reckon it was an accidental clash with MDMA over the Hogan side … by which time Dublin were creaming his team. Totally disingenuous by O’Neill.