2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Never mind admitting when I’m wrong :wink:


Serious point…

Wtf do people learn in school these days?

Mayo teachers and their like have a lot to answer for.


Next you’ll be praising a referee…


You should probably encourage your son to be the type of person JC is, rather than the player you perceive him to be, i.e. giving up the little free time he has to take kids training sessions, visit local schools, organising events in the club, coaching minor/21s teams also.


Has ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ now become a blocked out abbreviation :laughing:

Oh that’s priceless :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Horan has a strong dislike towards Dublin. He also mentions sent off in big games. Bar a black card against Mayo in 2016 what other games has he been sent off in?


Can’t blame him really . We have beaten his county in 3 AI finals in recent times with him at the helm for '13. Issue is he rarely gets called out for his bullshit . Nobody from Mayo does because the rest of the country pity them at this stage .


We re only asking him not to fall over clutching his face when no contact has been made . Nobody’s putting him up against the wall to be shot. I ve met him , know what he does , grand fella altogether. But I don t like playacting and if you wear the jersey you have s responsibility to it ok.


The Waterford player was Gavin Keane. He transferred to Leixlip. Played a couple league game though never played championship for Kildare. Micko always brought outsiders when managed Kildare, Laois and Wicklow.

Robbie Kiely(Tipp) and Kevin Conlon(Leitrim) both played with Kilmacud Crokes before moving down the country. Laois had Shane Cooke and David Brennan from St Marys when won Leinster in 2003. Letrim had Declan & Ken Darcy,Jason Ward (Brigids) and Ciaran McGovern(Judes) in the 90s. Enda Sheehy played with Mayo in 03. Donncha Corcoran from Marys played with Longford. Niall O’Donoghue Ballymun played with Roscommon. Cillian Farrell & Donie Keane from Fingallians both played underage with Roscommon.


Dave whealan with Wicklow too ! John couglan ( I think) with Offaly


Dave brother Brian played with Dublin(sub in 95) and Wicklow too. John & Niall Coughlan both played with Offaly. John O’Hara from Skerries played with Offaly as well.


Horan was at that crap before the 2012 game calling out Joe McQuillan on refereeing Dublin training games.


In fairness, I think he had a point in that. Senior IC refs shouldn’t be reffing in house games of teams they’ll ref in championship


Ah Dublin Joe


I’m sure other inter county referees were refereeing internal game. This was only flagged when Kerry were looking for excuses in 2011 defeat.


I agree. I remember being very pee’d off when we heard that Pat McEnaney was refereeing Armagh in house games circa 02/03… Then referee our game against them.


I read a while back that it was bull. McQuillan never ref’d Dublun in house games. He may have done a rules briefing once but that was it. Horan probably knew at the time it was bull but came out with it anyway.


He reffed one in house game. That point has been made many times. Poor journalism suggested it was more. This is the problem with amateurs doing a professional job.


Don’t think it was just poor journalism. Horan went out of his way to exaggerate whatever had gone on to put McQuillan under pressure before the final. Fairly cynical & dishonest stuff from Horan.


I don’t think Hawkeye can be perfect. For one thing, the post is going to move by a matter of inches up at the top of it and Hawkeye can’t allow for that. It can only judge the theoretical position of the post, not where it actually is. And the reality is that is close enough and a lot more accurately then a human can judge it.

The graphic actually showed a fraction of the ball intersecting with the post (at the game I thought it showed it inside the post, but I checked it later on TV, and it didn’t). I agree it should be questioned and not accepted blindly. For example, it must need regular calibration as the cameras and the posts are all out in the open and subject to all sorts of environmental effects, and I wonder does that happen enough. But it is still going to be more accurate then a person and really we just need a final arbitrar we all accept, which it more or less is.