2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Anyone notice the Kildare carryon in first half in kicking the balls away from behind the Dublin goal every time they had a free. At one point Kildare mentor signaled the shape of a ball to Kildare no 20 and he immediately ran to side of goal and kicked the ball away. Funny thing was he kicked it so hard it hit the hoarding behind the goal and came straight back into Cluxton hands. Wonder will Kimnage be writing about this?? Not a chance he will!


It doesn’t matter - it’s only Jonny Cooper. If you were sitting beside a few on here they would be shouting that he wasn’t kicked hard enough. Horan has some neck in what he said and the agenda setting has already begun against Dublin in 2018. I am still searching though his previous ramblings to see where he called out Cillian O Connor for his constant diving and gamesmanship. I’ll let ye know if I find it …


Was sitting in same row as DC. Totally agree. Could not believe Hawkeye gave it wide. Absolutely ridiculous. As he says. State of the art technology.


a pure desperate wanker, it must be getting near time his employers pull him aside and tell him to ■■■■ off and get a grip


Nobody is giving him any traction. Honestly the more he cries the more irrelevant he becomes. His article was posted by a contributor on MayoGaaBlog and was completely ignored by every other poster. Not one poster even acknowledged it. Nobody is taking this seriously and rightly so. He has the ear of a few bitter Helen Lovejoy types on Twitter. That’s it


Wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case. They seemed to have trouble with the scoreboard at the beginning of the game too. They ended up putting a feed from Eir on the screen so the score was visible for the first 15 mins or so


Very good post.


F**king brilliant!




For some reason I just keep hearing the Darth Vader death march tune! :rofl:


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Go for it Cillian!


PLease do share the pm’s with everyone!


Send him a solicitor’s letter.


I was in line with it too and thought it was a definite point. Red line on screen indicated it went inside the posts as well but nil came up. I don’t trust Hawkeye the hurlers were given a point in the first half which was definitely wide. I have seen other Hawkeye errors as well. The worst being a Dublin v Tyrone NFL game some years ago where the ball bounced on the top of the left hand Canel End post and a point was awarded. If that one wasn’t over the post I don’t know would be.


I thought that too. Was it Donal Burke I think??


This is going from the bizarre to the ridiculous! Mods??


Give over with the martyr act. Cooper has form for it and is becoming one of our more dislikable players. No doubting his quality, one of our nailed on starters. but he needs to stop watching match of the day.
McMenamin and Omahony have awards and medals coming out their ears but came across as two areseholes and not players most would have respect for. Cooper in danger of falling into that category if he doesn’t cop on.


I’d say Philly is delighted with this :laughing:


Our players are not there to be liked. You clearly don’t like the guy as you have made abundantly clear here on many occasions. I don’t think Jonny gives a crap what you or anyone else thinks of him.