2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


They were poor last night in patches absolutely but cast your mind back to last June against the same opposition. They cleaned our kickouts out. They’re very good at it. Feely is imo one of the best midfielders in the country. I think when our outfield players moved we got decent results from our kickouts. When the kickouts really broke down in the last 10 minutes it was a mixture of poor kicking from Stephen and the lads out the field winding down a bit. It’s January, the game was over. I wouldn’t read too much into it.


I lost count of the amount of times Dublin players were tackled around the neck last night with very few - if any - cards given. Yet Basquel gets a cheap one after 7 minutes. Cooper was struck in front of the ref and he gives the guy a yellow. If he gives a card it has to be red.


Super post and not a truer word spoken.

The myth that Dublin are an unstoppable force is plainly ridiculous as the past 30 years have shown. The current Dublin team are a phenomenal group of players and management, to quote Ciaran Whelan we’ve got to make hay while the sun is shining with this group. We have great individuals over the years but 25+ skillful, fit and dedicated lads putting it in is why they are where they are.

In previous year a team coming off an all Ireland win wouldn’t put out championship players in the league till well after Paddy’s day when they had been sobered up. A good contingent of our 30+ players BB and MDMA were out in the first round in January because they want to be in the team to win 4 in a row. The biggest driving force this year is the squad itself.

I always enjoy the league much more than Leinster Championship and judging by Kildares second half collapse they have a lot of work still to do. They have a few handy players but well short of Division 1 standard yet.

As for the game i’m delighted Howard and Basquel got a good run, I feared for Basquel as he picked up an early yellow and then handled the ball on the ground shortly after and i’m sure confidence was ebbing. In fairness to management they stuck with him and he came good in the secind half.

As for Johnny Cooper I genuinely think his in your face antics if the way he gets himself up for games and is why he gives 100%. I’d say he is a pain in the hole to have marking you and i’ve no problem with him going close to the line in terms of getting at his marker but going down like you’ve seen taken out by a sniper and rolling around on the ground is not what Dublin players should do. Mick Holden wouldn’t have tolerated that kind of messing.


Looked to me like he was pushed with a fair amount of force in the back. More than enough force to send someone to the ground so no issue there but nowhere near enough to leave him rolling on the ground for 30 seconds. He needs to cut that out i agree. One of the best defenders in the game. Doesn’t need the theatrics.


Credit where it’s due they’re going in the right direction. To be fair to them if they were to end up in the super 8s with say Mayo not yet at their peak I wouldn’t put it past them causing an upset. Flynn and Feeley would be in our team if they were Dubs imo.


I really don’t think it was a strike. I have to watch it back but it looked to me like a shove


He wasn’t struck. It was a two handed hard shove and he went down like a ton of bricks. And he was up pretty quick when the row began.

Ref was very poor though.


I must say I don’t like arguments that make their point by pointing out how bad we are at other stuff. Apart from anything else the counter argument is too easy - ‘we gave ye all this money and you messed it up’.

The best argument, and the real argument, on why we got so much GAA money is that we have 100s of thousands of people living in non GAA areas and for the good of the game that needs to be countered. You can’t ignore huge population areas because they happen to fall within the Dublin area.

As for the hurlers - I suspect it will be a different story come May.


MDMA was poor last night , tried to kick a cross field pass last night and went straight to a kildare player .Struggled to keep up with play as well I thought , would like to see Shane Cathy get a run next week or maybe Emmett beside Fenton.



Kevin mac point last night was def a point .


As said above referee last night was very poor. Very inconsistent & very one sided. Hardly new news for us. Despite our dominance in second half don’t think we got a single free in Kildare half of the pitch in entire second half. Lot of head high tackling that ref just ignored.


Disagree. Thought he done brilliant on Feely on the kickouts. Kicking has never been MDMAs strength. I was very encouraged by what I saw from him last night


MDMA certainly tried very hard possibly too hard at times to make an impression. Broke some great ball in 2nd half. No way did he want to come off when he went over on his ankle.


We won by 7 points pulling up and missed two glorious goal chances that should have been converted. Deano was also a bit rusty and missed two trees in the first half that is normally bread and butter for him. Giving the time of the year, the fact they haven’t really being training yet and kildare clearly wanting to put it up to us i was very satisfied with that. 12 quid to see Fenton in that form? You won’t get better value than that. Howard was a big positive too. Lovely neat footballer. Scully looking good too. The more I think of it the happier I am with last night. It’s good to be back


Anyone who is the guy sitting beside Jim here : https://www.sportsfile.com/id/1443487/


I thought so too and we were right in line with it. I even thought the red line flow of the ball on Hawkeye showed it to be over but Nil came up! Strange …


Ciaran Dicey Reilly. Team physio and medic


Maybe it was still on hurling setting


Imo the only relevant and pertinent question in the money debate is simple - has any county been refused funding for a structured coaching programme? The answer is no.

The embittered out there would have people believe that Dublin are hoovering up funding at the expense of other counties. Not the case. Is central funding available for counties who want to emulate what Dublin are doing. Most certainly.

We are seven years into the Blue Wave strategy. How many counties have rang John C or sought a meeting to pick his (considerable) brain on Dublin’s coaching template and structures? One the last time I asked him.

O’Rourke and others would do well to reflect on this rather than seek to penalise the one county in the country that have shown vision and leadership and backed it up with hard grafting to make it work.


Regardless of how cooper went down he was clearly kicked while on the ground by one of the kildare players how the lines man or ref didn’t see it I don’t know. people around me went spare over it