2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Anybody have this game in a dropbox or any ideas how to wacth back?

A PM would be delightful


I think it is slowly dawning on him that the money spent on GPOs since 2005 would have had no impact on success of last 8 years.If he has done any research into GPOs he would see they visit schools and coach kids from junior to 2nd class.Then coordinate nurseries up to 7/8 year olds.Pretty much none of the all ireland winning squads since 2011 would have had contact with these GPOs bar maybe Con.


Him and his Mother were born and raised in Walkinstown. Moved to Donegal when 11 or 12.


It’s Twilight Zone shit. Absolute madness. JFK was taken out for less.



If copper did what hogan said he did , jim Gavin should be having a word with him .This is starting to follow Johnny around that he dives like a bad smell ,refs are not stupid they will eventually not give him anything.


Unfortunately it is and it irritates me that horan gets to point it out when he overlooks the antics of one certain individual fellow countyman.

JC should just play ball.


The great thing about McSpew is he reminds us on a regular basis the path that Dublin football has trod compared to Kildare since the early 90s. Our glory days were over, our team kept losing the biggest games, they were on the up and had a great coach and cash cows behind them.

That 95 win was our lifeline, that and the two national league wins. It at least maintained the expectation and belief and tradition of winning in what was otherwise a fairly barren period from 83 til 2011. That could easily have been a 30 year run with no Sam, and as many counties have found it just gets harder.
Meanwhile Kildale never climbed that mountain and have gone backwards or stayed backwards since Alan Brogan and others got us past them in Léinster in 02. There was a brief bit of revival under Geezer but no Léinster. Ah no!

The thing is, the way it worked out for us since the early 90s was never a foregone conclusion. It took a lot of work, and a lot of good or great decisions, and talent. And never settling for 2nd best(except under Lyons in 03!)


This is bull from Horan. Cooper got hit in back of neck from behind. Got hit with decent amount of force and went down. Why that would be questioned by Horan I don’t know outside of Horan having dislike for Jonny. Amazing that some people here will run with something that Horan will call out after all the sh1te from him over the years.


Surprised and disappointed that Comerford didn’t get any game time.


Watched recording of game last night. Wanted to have look at first Kildare goal. From the Hill we were sure ball was over the end line when Kildare player caught ball. Couldn’t tell initially from tv pictures until they showed replay from behind the goal and you can clearly see shadow of the ball on ground fully over end line. Don’t know how umpire missed this or why Dublin players didn’t protest particularly Cluxton. Was poor defensively anyway. Think it was Kilkenny who just let his man go thinking it was going wide.


Was on the hill and just seen copper lying on the ground and big screen won’t show any sort of replay , will have to watch it back on TV tonight


Like Savage and others before him Cluxton won’t move to give them any time at all. And it’ll come back to bite us when he’s gone.


I think I m well able to make up my own mind on these things. I wouldn’t need an ex mayo manager to direct me. JC does things I wish he wouldn’t, like fall over holding his face when it’s clear no contact has been made with his face. This is not just about last night. My young fella kicks ball for the same club and Jc is his favourite dub player. Cooper should give this type of playacting up.


Jonny gets involved in silly stuff and would guess couple of Kildare players decided to go after him so he can’t be too surprised this stuff happens. But Horan calling him a pest and justifying it??


Great to keep our foot on Kildare’s throat. They tried to bully us - as others have - but we came out in the 2nd half and blew them away. We are moving much better than the first game last year. Howard had a fine starting debut. Basquel was struggling but had a good second half - albeit when we got on top. He was also caught waiting for the ball and it should have led to a Ke goal - but he’ll learn. I thought MDMA was poor enough but Fenton was immense. Jonny C was excellent again and should really be the captain. Cluxton’s kickouts were very poor - some were plain daft - such as the one that led to the 2nd Ke goal. If he does not get a quick one away and the opposition gets set he really struggles to find a blue shirt. Becoming a real worry imo.

Finally, a word on the ref. Abysmal.


Agree on the kick outs … I think it’s gonna be a big problem this year


Cooper is the furthest thing imaginable from captain material.

He’s a great player and performs his role to perfection.

Never in a million years would have him as captain his theatrics are not what i’d want from a Dublin captain

The next captain will be Kilkenny anyway the captain argument is settled until about 2026


JC gets involved in stupid stuff he should avoid and imo needs to cut some of it out of his game, especially the going down easily which he is at times guilty of. However if he was struck in the neck I feel he is entitled to go down. It’s a dirty and quite dangerous act that should have been punished with a red card, if it happened (I only saw the aftermath, not the event itself).


It’s for Jim Gavin to decide.


If Cluxton wants to play he plays. That’s the way it is.