2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


I wonder would some tweet that at him? Interesting to see his reply.


All that aside.

Brian Fenton? My Jeysus. A beast!


He is. A beast among beasts.


Is he not in Brazil? Sounds about far enough away to me.


On the Cooper thing,Havant seen it back but the knock in the back of the head happened it was sneaky and dirty so IMO the blames lies with the player that did it


He is but this thing called the internet has made the constraint of distance redundant.


Maybe I m harsh but I thought Johnny went down a bit easy . I m not the one getting hit but reverse the situation we be howling at the opposition player for acting the maggot. Cooper is an excellent defender on ability alone. Imo he doesn’t need to get involved in this shite. However he has the medals so who am I to talk.


Now this is a belter

Love the responce


Happy to take cork Kerry and tipp hand me downs in 98. Happy for kildare to tap into the horsey set to bankroll micko. Normally you can find some logic with a journalists argument even if you disagree with his point completely. But this idiot is desperate. His credibility is zilch. Posting as tommy keegan on kildare site. That alone tell you his mentality. He is supposed to be above this type of partisanship.


This is who McKenna reminds me of .


He has an issue with kids in Meath & Kildare whose parents moved there from Dublin wearing the jerseys of their parents county . And wanting to transfer to Dublin clubs . As you said , they had no problem taking in imports to improve their team , the Seanie Johnson fiasco for instance & the examples you provided .


There was also a Waterford player at the time they tried to entice. Micko fluttered his eyelashes at Declan Browne too.Funny mckeanna never mentions dubs on other county panels. Shane McGrath pat Burke with clare, Nathan Mullins(Donegal) Alan o Connor( not our contrarian here ) with cork , Stuart lowndes ( Meath). Also mcbrearty (Donegal)and Gerry McGowan ( Sligo). These are just a few . We giveth too.


Whoa , stop the presses , paddy ? What’s the dub connection .


Born here and played for James’s Gaels underage


Jayus , top player , now he would deffo make our first 15.


Yep, just look at the hurlers.


He tried to make an argument about "players don’t put points over the bar " . Heavily financed coaching does . Ask the hurlers what they think about that .
He was putting one strand of the footballers success down to our systems & superior coaching due to financial doping . If that was the case we’d not have had those beatings against Tyrone & Kerry in the noughties. Absolute bollix . We simply weren’t good enough or we thought we were better than we were . Well that has changed since 2010 & the panels that have come since have been exceptionally talented footballers .And at that they tried to pin our superior fitness down to finishing off teams in the last 15 minutes of games . We’ve simply been better , but he won’t have that because ingrained in every culchie mindset is that they have better footballers . Well that myth has been put to bed the last 5 years . We’ve had our blip against Donegal . There’s an argument for saying we could be going for 6 in a row now but I think '14 changed the mindset & laid the foundation for the 3 in a row .


Jesus lads can you take spewan talk to somewhere else


That’s some win.

Very impressive scoreline after a long lay off.

Some of Dublin’s panel would be starts on any other team It underlines their strength, depth and good age profile.

Mixture of trepidation and excitement for next game. Dublin have a good record up here to begin with.

Jim G saying people passionate up here for football.

That passion could take a beating if MH lines out as before.


A savage hurler, in fairness!